I built this 8 by 8 modern outhouse for my property. I dismantled a 1993 25 foot camper and used the toilet, vanity ,sink. shower, and windows from the camper.
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Step 1: Building the floor

I studded in a 8 by 8 floor  with pressure treated 2 by 8s and in between the studs i mounted the black water tank from the camper .

Step 2: Floor

Picture of floor
 Nailing down the 1/2 plywood floor.

Step 3: Walls and studs

Picture of Walls and studs
I studded up 8 foot walls , Installed  1 of the 2  doors which came from the camper.

Step 4: Roof

Picture of roof
I cut  studs for the 5/12 pitch roof. Instead of plywood i used  1 by 6 ship lap boards which you will see on the inside pictures how nice it looks. I used  Cheap black 3 tab shingles.

Step 5: Windows

Picture of windows
I used 2 of the windows from the camper. 1 on each side of the outhouse.

Step 6:

Picture of

Step 7: Shower

Picture of shower
I installed the shower in the same orientation  as it was in the camper.

Step 8: Closet

Picture of closet
I made a 2 by 2  foot closet.The double doors are mirrored  from the camper.

Step 9: Ceiling

Picture of ceiling
Here is the inside of the ceiling with the smooth side down  of the ship lap boards showing.

Step 10: Finished ceiling

Picture of finished ceiling
Heres the view of the finished ceiling with the light and fan  and the door to enter the attic when needed .

Step 11: Finished windows

Picture of Finished windows
 Here is the finished window from the inside

Step 12: Toilet

Picture of Toilet
Here is a picture of the    toilet  installed.

Step 13: Vanity

Picture of vanity
I made the 2 by 4 foot vanity .Bought the counter top  ,and used the sink and drawers and doors from the camper.

Step 14: Inside walls

Picture of Inside walls
All the inside walls are made from the ship lap boards

Step 15: Finished

Picture of Finished
All painted and ready to use~!