this slide show shows my modifications to darth gecko mans blazer v1 sniper rifle modifications: stronger trigger, a stock, and new ammunition. Range: stock:90 feet modded: 125 feet.
how come the blazer instructable is gone?
he put it on knexinnovation
I dont know
about 125 feet.
welp, that beats my sling record. my sling record: sling #1- 100 feet sling #2- 80 feet (it was a crossbow though, not a sniper)
my sling record pwnz4z all of yours. 450.
but not for long...
My first was the MSR, and it shot about 50 feet, not 250! XD
your first <strong>posted</strong> sling gun.<br/>
What? Btw: I won't be on much for the next week or two
nvm then. Btw: lets get on halo right now. It is called "for the win", and will be up by the time you read this.
Sorry can't, I am using my dad's laptop
dangit, i was gonna give you a challenge.
And i don't have knex either... :S But i got alot of christmas money so i am going to order a big ball factory from ebay :D
neither do I, but you have more, you built a ball machine. anyway, my challenge was for you to kill me with a banashee. You have done it before, but then you died 5 seconds after my death half the time. This time, I was going to fight you without rockets, turrets, fuel rods, or grenades. You can use any means to kill me, but you have to be in the banashee. I guarantee that you will die and I will win if you accept my challenge. ;-)
I still could beat you, with luck
chek out my mods
click on my name
i have made a ammo mod type in by search blazer v1 an dan click on ammo mod
Cool!<br/>5* for modding my gun!<br/>I have never tried ammo like that, but i will if i make a v2<br/>
make a v2!!!!
In the future
hey DGM, some dude modded my crossbow into pistol form! He also made a safety for the full crossbow.
lol I'll check it out
hmm. simple stock.
im not very good at making good stock

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