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i am kind of new at nerf but i think i got the hang of it so far. follow me. if you like what you see tell me in a comment plus i am currently overhauling a NF thanks :0)
this is my modified long shot i painted it, did ARR, bbb spring and stock spring, intigrated front gun,lsfg mods-e tape, strike fire spring

ranges front gun-30-40
main gun-80-100

-jumping cat


JackDC2000 (author)2014-09-12

Cool mod! The all around longshot is great, with the exception of the paint job being a bit iffy in some places. LOVE IT!!!

jumpingcat (author)2011-08-04

common people what do you think

domo0 (author)jumpingcat2011-08-08

great did u use any of my instuctbles to help

jumpingcat (author)domo02011-08-10

no i just went as i go but i might angel breech it or something
but i saw prettymuch all of your's i love your epic longshot

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Bio: i like to mod nerf guns YaY
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