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Introduction: Gtrain's Vector (instructables)

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here are the instructables i hope its a bit clear.
so ask my if u dont know something then i make another picture of it or i explain.
hope u like it

2.iron sight
3mag out
4.1st person view cat :D

credits of this gun to gtrain's its he's gun i just make instructables for it!!!!

Step 1: The Stock

just make.

Step 2: Magazine


Step 3: 1st Part of the Main Boddy

Step 4: 2nd Part of the Main Body

Step 5: Heartbeat

it was looking cool on the gun .the heartbeat.
credits to barrax

Step 6:

done (i think)



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    horrible instructions. good gun though P:

    i broke it appart like half a year ago so...cant..sorry..

    Thanks for making the intsructions. :D

    great but............need more pic for the 1st part of the main boddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can you take up the parts some more like the body? it gets a bit confusing at points

    4 replies

    i know but.. i had to build it from 1 only picture ;D

    lol well um, could you break it up some more :D

    ye...the problem is..i dit destroy

    noooo lol ah. its okay xD

    Isn't step 2, the magazine? says STEP 2: M-A-G-A-Z-I-N-E *magazine*