Picture of gtrain's vector (instructables)
here are the instructables i hope its a bit clear.
so ask my if u dont know something then i make another picture of it or i explain.
hope u like it

2.iron sight
3mag out
4.1st person view
5.my cat :D

credits of this gun to gtrain's its he's gun i just make instructables for it!!!!

Step 1: The stock

just make.
CuddlesMcT3 years ago
horrible instructions. good gun though P:
ahhhhhhhhh u hav a very cute kitty lol
tom tom go4 years ago
Can you make more pictures of the inside?
tthomasvd (author)  tom tom go4 years ago
i broke it appart like half a year ago so...cant..sorry..
tom tom go4 years ago
Thanks for making the intsructions. :D
petrovski254 years ago
it's awesome thanks for posting it
tthomasvd (author)  petrovski254 years ago
tysanio4 years ago
great but............need more pic for the 1st part of the main boddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CuddlesMcT5 years ago
can you take up the parts some more like the body? it gets a bit confusing at points
tthomasvd (author)  CuddlesMcT4 years ago
i know but.. i had to build it from 1 only picture ;D
lol well um, could you break it up some more :D
tthomasvd (author)  CuddlesMcT4 years ago
ye...the problem is..i dit destroy it....so..cant...
noooo lol ah. its okay xD
you orgot to show us how to make the mag
no he didnt
the mag that the hold the bullets u twit

Isn't step 2, the magazine?
tthomasvd (author)  Oceanous4 years ago
ye....it says STEP 2: M-A-G-A-Z-I-N-E *magazine*
I only like the stock
the on were you put the grey connectors
i dont understand the trigger
owned in the face
gtrain5 years ago
nice :D
tthomasvd (author) 5 years ago
but credits to gtrain
tthomasvd (author) 5 years ago
~KGB~5 years ago
looks great!