Picture of molded mouthpiece for blowgun
how to hand form a nozzle out of polyethylene plastic
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Step 1: Overveiw

making a blow gun from a copper pipe is ridiculously easy. its intuitive , its simple and anybody can do it in 3 minutes or less. so why am i writing an instructable about it??
actually this ones about recycling some plastic to make a better nozzle than we usually see on this type of homemade tube.
as an incidental you will be shown how to make a blowgun .
also the reheating and molding techniques used here could be refined and applied to making other items you need IE tool handles , plugs , Model parts, the list goes on}
as always try and use some common sense when doing this
Wear heavy workgloves
Have lots of ventilation so take it outside folks.
Keep a fire extinguisher handy

Step 2: Materials list

Picture of materials list
1 39 to 48 inches of 1/2 or 5/8 inch copper pipe as straight as you can find

2 some HDPE plastic scrap{film bottles, shampoo bottle and various sources}

3 some tin cans {cat food tins are ok}

4 a low heat source {alcohol burner}

5 a high heat source {propane torch}

6 locking pliers or channel lock type

7 stirring tool {stick screwdriver etc)

8 a flame proof surface to work on

9 gloves For safety
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rbodell5 years ago
Try some J.B. Weld. No heat, just mix a little and apply. Set the pipe up on end in a plastic soda bottle cap and add the JB weld around the end of the pipe till the cap is full. when it hardens, sand or cut the the bottom of the cap off.
sharlston5 years ago
also near the mouth piece drill a small hole through the pipe then glue a straghtened paper clip in so you cant breath the ammo back in ps how would i make small wax balls?
lennyb (author)  sharlston5 years ago
i would figure you might start with a sheet of wax soften it up a bit then use a piece of pipe the same diameter as your blowgun to cut out some wax bullets. then shave them a little bit so the are rounded and slide easily in the tube. you might also make some from air drying clay.
oh just 1 thing is that blue lighter disposable?
lennyb (author)  sharlston5 years ago
yes it is. im not sure where i got it but its even compatible with my little soldering torch.
sharlston5 years ago
i like that lighter is it refillable or disposable?
15zhangfra6 years ago
nice, but i just use a water bottle front trimmed and cut to size
lennyb (author)  15zhangfra6 years ago
i have since done something like that. it is neater and easier to do but this instructable was only half about the blowgun. the other idea was the hand molding something out of scrap plastic. i found the neck from one of those brown generic hydrogen peroxide bottles to make the best nozzle as the plastic is thick enough to round the edges . thanks for looking
ah,that so
Good idea, although for PVC blowguns I use a coupler. Cheap n easy.
lennyb (author)  ShootThePigeons6 years ago
i actually had a roll of electrical tape on this first but i wanted to try sculpting melted plastic and this was the most practical thing i could think of to make for instructables
Batryn6 years ago
that mouth piece wont do anything, a easier way is to get a 1/2 inch pvc pipe, wrap one layer of duct tape, cut the top part of a bottle off and jam it on.
lennyb (author)  Batryn6 years ago
the idea is to widen the end so you cant hurt yourself on the end of the pipe. while i have tried the type of mouthpiece you describe i like this type better.
Batryn lennyb6 years ago
Wrap the sharp end in duct tape.
layangman6 years ago
Please do burn the plastics in the open or very well ventilated area. The fumes from the plastics is very toxic and are known to be carcinogens.
lennyb (author)  layangman6 years ago
thank you for pointing this out . i do touch on the need for ventilation. but it can never be overemphasized. also if your getting fumes from this method your using too much heat . visible smoke is a good indicator to ease off on the heat.