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Introduction: Monster Socks

These are the reversible tube socks that I started making for Christmas 2007 for my grandchildren. They came up with the name of "monster socks" because the socks made their feet look big and wooly one way or not so big and wooly the other way.
I have had to make each one 2 pair so they could have one pair for home and one for grandmas.I have made some for a quadropalegic, 2 diabetics, all my daughters, and even for my husband.
I used size 8 dp needles ;2 skeins of Lion Brand Fun Fur (1 skein for each sock): scrap pieces of white Vannas' Choice.
CO 20 sts and divide onto 3 dp needles. Knit to desired length, and then change to the white and do rib st for 8 rows. Bind off loosly. Move st to 2 needles and use Kirchener st to finish toe. Weave in ends. Make 2



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    I used Lion Brand Fun Fur because they can be tossed in the washer and dryer and not hand washed.   I do usually lay mine on the dryer to dry instead of in it. 

    thanks it looks fun

    The  top of the sock is just some yarn scraps that I had left over from an afghan. 


    They look very comfy and warm.

    Very unique and has a very cute name.

    Agreeing with nepheron, some claws at the end would be cool!

    add some claws at the ends

    | | <----- sock
    | |..........
    |..................\:::::\ <----- claw

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    Oh, that would be cute! Some little felted claws. ;)