Introduction: Moose Coat Rack

A while ago I wanted to make a nice coat rack for my godson. I found a great design in the shape of a moose on the internet end I liked it very much, but I wanted the antlers bigger so they could carry hats and gloves.

I am very pleased with the result and happy to share it with you through this instructable !

Step 1: Drawing

I started with the image that I found on the internet. I drew it into AutoCAD and then I got started in 3D. I gave both antlers an angle and placed perpendicularly on them side antlers.

Step 2: Lasercut

Then I put all the parts in 2D so that they could be cut with a laser cutter. I used 4 mm thick plywood.

Step 3: Assembly

All that remains to be done is to strengthen the rear support. I used 3 centimeters thick wooden slats between the two layers of plywood. After that it's assembling piece by piece with wood glue (tip: use duct tape to hold everything in place).

Step 4: Done !!

Now just attach the coat rack to the wall using two screws and it is ready to use!

Have fun !


gmsantillan made it! (author)2015-05-07

Hi, It´s cool ???? Can you share the files that you used to cut it out ??

RubenRosseel made it! (author)RubenRosseel2015-05-08

Hi, thanks ! I have put the .dwg-file (auto cad) in attachment.

kapstok moose LASERCUT.dwg
Danger is my middle name made it! (author)2014-03-24

This is so cute!

Penolopy Bulnick made it! (author)2014-03-23

This is cool! Do you have the file you used to cut it out?

RubenRosseel made it! (author)RubenRosseel2014-03-23

Yes of course, attached the pdf of the laser cutter and the AutoCAD file. The size of the file is 30cm by 60cm (the largest size that fits into the laser cutter from my school).
Good luck with it !

MOOSE.pdfkapstok moose LASERCUT.dwg

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