morrettie SR-4 knex sniper is one of the most powerful knex guns.

Don't forget to rate it five stars if you like it!

the long awaited knex gun.... actually for 18 days. Ok lets get to the important things
this is one of the best knex guns ever ,in my opinion it is way better than gorkems sniper.

pic four is the original gun from BF2142

6th pic is it in the old colors and a few upgrades.

shooting power/range 40-65 ft depending on if you aim it up or not.
how power full is this gun you might ask? well it can shoot a gray rod in to an apple one inch.
It can shoot a rod through a card board box at about 10 ft away with a good shot
It can shoot through a shoe box at 15-20ft. away especially if you sharpen a rod.
I got it to shoot a sharpened rod at a milk jug and it made holes in the jug.

the bi-pod
this bi-pod is similar to knex sniper rifle
it can attach and detach. note the stronger your ball socket is the harder it will be for the bi-pod to fall off. you should have no problem with it falling off. pic 2

the magazine uses four decapitated gray connectors or two orange connectors cut in half. pic 3 demonstrates the parts im talking about if you have never heard of them or never made them.

why play the game when you can live it.

if you liked this gun later build these.
scar 11.01
the pereira pistol
cool link

P.S Also check out these from beameron:

Step 1: The Part List

this step will save you about 1 and 1/2 hrs if you don't have enough pieces.

Main Gun:

small green:166
long gray:13
long bendy purple:3

dark gray:44
tan clip:9

Y connectors :24
square panel with four holes in it:2
triangle panel with 3 holes in it:2
hinge-black half:4
hinge-blue half:4
gray gear piece:4
small wheel without the tire:2
blue spacer:20
Silver spacer:2


blue spacer:12
silver spacer:1
yellow rod:18
blue rod:22
white rod:15
long gray rod:1
orange connector:4
yellow connector:25
blue connector:1
white connector:3
purple connector:4
hinge-black half:4
hinge-blue half:4
black socket piece:4

part list written by -sting- every one give a big round of applause.

Step 2: The Handle

as you can see I will b building this gun in layers.
1. gather and build the parts shone
2.build this out of parts A and B
3.add the part named C on
4.add all Ds on
5.add this on and it will be done now
6.using three fs and Es put them together like this
7.put those three parts you just built on the blue rod...then add the last three Es on

Step 3: The Butt

I will be building this part in layers cuss it will be hard other wise.
1.gather thees parts if you don't have the panels than do whatever you want
2.the side parts
3.the inner parts
4.get 10 blue rods
5.add all 10 rods like shone in the pic
6.add one of the parts without the snow flake on the top
7.add the part that dose have the snow flake
8.add the part that has no panel
9. get the handle and...
10.put it on.

Step 4: The Ram

the ram this is the eeeee-zzzzzzest part ever if you have a question about this part give up knex.
1. I don't have to say any thing about this I hope
2.put duct tape around the orange connector and tan clips ignore the string that will come later ,and use a black rod or white not gray.

this ram is all most indestructable with out duct tape.

Step 5: The Mag/barrell

the secret to this guns power is right in this step... you know what it is it is because there is no true barrel and it has nothing to crash in to or rub against thats why it works better when there is another bullet in the mag to keep it more accurate up and down wise so all ways make sure that the mag is full.
1.this is the slider in the mag
2.build the sides of the mag
3.put a couple blue rods on
4.a view where you can see the front and back of the mag I have a green rod for the back peace ,and a black rod for the front peace.
5.add the slide thingy for the bottom of the mag like this
6.wow allot of parts for you to build devilish laugh.
7.put one of the side panels on all the blue rods.
8.put the other one on
9.it is all the way on
10.put this part on
11.put that part on the one without the hole in it
12.put the part that dose have a hole on
13.build more parts what els is new
14.put on on this side ,and...
15.one on this side
16.put on the sight peace
17.obviously you would attach this part
18. it must be attached ,dose it look attached to you.

Step 6: The Body

The body this part might be kinda tricky
1.this is what you will be building
2.build thees parts and get a hand full of blue rods make shure you have more than I have in the picture.
3. attach the two big parts together.
4.now attach more parts together.
5. put A on
6.put B on
7.build this simple little part
8.put it on like this in there
9.attach all the blue rods and two yellow rods
the for grip.
10.get thees parts
11.put them together
12.slide a gray rod through the holes just like before
13.connect it
14.this part is done

Step 7: The Scope

the scope witch dosn't work to well ,but it makes it look so much better.
1.build all the parts here even the ones that are on the gun.
2.put the three long parts on.
3.put the three long parts on.
4.put the big plat part on.
5.put the gears on till they click .

Step 8: The Strings

the strings get one that is 25 inches long or so ,and one that is 22 inches long.
1. I accidentally deleted the first pic but you can see in the first what to do
2. build the parts
3. build more
4. put the weals on first
5. put the string guards on

the ram uses the 25 inch peace of string
1.put the string on the ram through the hole then weave through the next hole that you cant fit a rod through then ty a knot so it lands in the place where you put the rubber bands on.
2.ok now slide it through the spacered rod.
3.slide it through the spacered rod again.
now knot up the end of the string so you have a bit of a handle ,but be care full not to knot it up to much or it will get to short and you will have a prob.

the trigger string you need 22 inches. it will give you a little left over to make knots on the trigger and real trigger.
1.the string should look this long near the gun
2.tie it to the trigger
3.break of the string guards and put the string in this position.
4.put the string guards back on.
5.tie it to the trigger make shure it will be tight enough to shoot the gun

Step 9: The Bi-pod

this will be the bi-pod step ,but any one could build it off this picture.
ok here are the instructions every thing in the ronald mc' donald colors are the new parts.
1. get all the parts shone including the section of the gun.
2. put the blue rods on the biggest peace.
3.put the peace on
4.put the other part on
5.put the other part on
you are don withe the attacher on the gun now for the bi-pod.
1. build this part ,if you don't have the hinges don't sweat its not the greatest thing for the gun
2.build this twice
3.different view.
4.build this and make shure you build this exactly the same.
5.add the first part you built on.
6.now put the rod with the spacer on it and get ready to put the part on.
7.now attach the gray connectors ,but first put the black or gray rod on.
attaching and detaching
2.just push the rod through the hole

Step 10: The Cool Mag

here is an Idea of how to make a nice big mag for this gun. make it even bigger and post a pic we will have a contest and who ever wins gets the privalidg of fireing all the bullets in his or her mag. :P

some one try to make 50 -75 rod mag you know ,the funnel ones I made one.....

it holds from 1 to 75 counted maybe more. (I don't have a picture yet)

Step 11: Loading and Fireing

1.lode the mag up pushing the bullets in forward and have the gun slightly tilted up.
2.now pull the ram back
3.hold on to the fore grip and handle
5. pull the trigger
6. if it dosn't fire this rarely happens empty the mag and check if there is a jam up due to you pushing two rods into the hole if there isn't than maybe the ram just didn't hit it because you didn't make the first bullet land on top of the ram.

Step 12: Total Destruction

this step is where i put pictures of how destructive this gun can be.
1.notice all the little dents from farther away
2.this is the back of the box not all of the dents are from this gun some are from my cross bow

Step 13: The Pereira Pistol

it has come!

the beastliest pistol on the sight check the next step.

ok now I have a picture so horay

shoots around 35-45 ft and can go through a knex box.

new trigger type witch works very well.

looks like the real one allot.

Step 14: Part List for the Pistol. By: 619rey So Thank Him.




dark gray:4
light gray:4


black hinge:3
y connector:7
blue spacer:6
silver spacer:5
chopped gray or orange:3
ball socket:2 The connector that can fit on to a ball joint. He knows what there called.
ball joint:1 The connector with the ball on he end.

Step 15: Barrel

ok now to get started.

pic 1 ok get two gray rods and add the connectors and spacers that are in the pic
pic 2 add more spacers and connectors
pic 3 I will not keep saying that
pic 4 still wont

Step 16: The Mag

here you must make sure that you have 3 decapitated gray or 2 decapitated orange connectors.

1.here is where you need those frumbidged part (decapitated).
2.here you need two ball socket connectors and two Y connectors.
3.these are the sides of the mag notice you need Y connectors here
4.this part is the top of the gun.

Step 17: The Frame /handle

1.build and gather parts.
2.use the parts you built and gathered to make this.
3.put the other side on now.
4.make the other parts of the handle.
5.put the parts together sorry the pic is blurry I forgot about macro for a wile
6.put the back bone of the handle on
7.put the gut of the handle on
8.attach it to the other big part
9.put the last part on
10.build this little part
11.and put it on

Step 18: The Triger

1.this is the triger???
2.put the triggers rod through the hole
3.add a spacer and a green connector
4.and a ball joint y connector orange connector white rod.

Step 19: It Is Now Time to Connect the Barrel to the Handle

1.line them up like this
2.then snap them together and get the barrel part
3.now put the barrel part on here.
4.put the white rod through the trigger and add a gray connector
5.this is how to put the mag walls on.
6.then put the peace you broke off back on.
7.then put the last on the same way
8.get the two little parts
9.put one on here
10.and one on here

Step 20: Touch Up Parts

1.add a blue rod here
2.build this little part
3.attach it
4.put about 7 green rods on here I recogmend usig les as it it is realy hard to get the next part on if you use that many.
5.put the red connector covered yellow rod
6.front view
7.inside the mag.

== your done!!!==

Step 21: Ram NEW


new step finally got this in. lol
1.build it.
the_burrito_master do you know where I can find a knex square panel
the_burrito_master where did you get that snowflake piece in step 3
<p>the first time i saw this gun was like 6 or 7 years ago idk... now i have it next to me :D</p>
The total cost of all of these pieces from KNEX.com is over $100! But, I've spent thousands (Not me my dad when I was 6) on KNEX, but I have so many pieces in my garage I don't have enough to build this!!!!! SO RIDICULOUS!!!
Oh goodness yes!
Can you just use ball joints instead of decapitated grey connectors?
Nooo wow aren't we over this yet XD
Why not?
snap a rod into one and find out if it slides through, it wont. and it's better to just cut in half one orange ladder connector u get 2 that way.
How strong is this gun?
step 12 has all that info.
Sorry, I just diden't look through the whole &quot;ible&quot;.
i made a slide trigger for this gun, works pretty nice too!
My fave k'nex gun on this site. :P
Amazing gun, only problem for me was that it didnt fire well, so i modded it into a slingshot gun :D
i like the gun but its a shame that you have to cut the ammo
This is a great gun! It looks awesome, shoots hard and isn't flimsy at all! Nice job!
can i buld this with only 1 hinge?<br>
yes just don't build the bipod or build it differently.<br>
kool thx<br>
This thing looks focking cool.
does this look like one of the fockers?
uh... no offense, but isn't there supposed to be another grey square with a perimiter of 4 blue rods?
no you only need two.
i think they mean on pic 2 you forgot the grey square on the other panel
I think that's the middle layer I only have one of those panels.. :C
Woow. This gun is Great!! 5 stars!. If I had the pieces for it I would built it.
yeah every one says that try building only the important stuff if you want to.
instead of all the blue ones can i use snowflakes?
cool thanks i am building now just finished with the mag ps i really hope this works because last time i tried to build a big nice sniper like this it was the jams storm battle sniper and i spent all afternoon (like 5 hours) on it and it was bullshit. ratings like 4.10 dont lie so im feeling lucky. good instructions thanx so far 5 stars but it really turns out after i see how she shoots! so far so good!
The gun takes some patience to get used to it but it's ,a great old gun.
hey uh i finished and the ram only extends into the mag like about 1 inch and therefor is not shooting very far (right now like 2ft max). how do i fix this/make it shoot better? please respond soon or i will take it apart (not sopossed to be a threat just im gonna build somthing else
it's only supposed to go in the mag that far, you must have been loading it wrong did you follow the instructions? This is a really touchy gun it takes some effort to get it to work sometimes. (but when it works it really pwns)
ehhh darn took it apart looks sweet though. i loaded it by putting the rods into the mag and pulled back the ram and boom, click snap no shooting action. am i sopposed to tilt it back so the ammo goes into the barrell more?
btw turns out i dont need snowflakes! other than when needed. i am able to build thiz cuz i found 12 pounds of knex on ebay 4 30 bucks and shoed my dad and he got them cuz its a really good deal. it came yesterday and was waaaaaaay more than i thought, it rocks. btw the clock is rong right now it 1/4 till eleven im goin to bed finish the gun tommorrow the reek havok while everyone is sleeping!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome, I hope you like it when you finish it I haven't hear of anyone building it in quite a while.
for strings do the strings need to be super tough, are they under a lot of tension?
Anything that can hold up about 10 lb is fine for the trigger, but for the ram yeah it's gotta be tough. I recommend hemp kite string or parracord.
yeah sorry took it apart, the problem was that the ram only entered the magazine like 1 inch and did not shoot like at all. if you told me a good way on how to fix that i would rebuild the whole thing gladly. for now i am having a great time withe the pistol you made.
:( i dont have that many blue/orange pieces... Is it okay if i make a similar gun, just different parts?
yeah its your life go ahead do what you want. :) your not my slave lol.
nederlands ?
Yes master, lol jk. Well i didnt have the pieces(or motivation) to make this, so I totally destroyed my old sl9 and built on to it.
yeah thats fine.
I think people should only rate guns if they've built the thing. Some guns look good but are in fact crap (I can name several). However I have built this and could it be even better than my <gasp> SRv2?
i gave it five stars cuz the pistol was good
just got more parts in the mail-gonna build right now
Such as what guns? I want to know.
CBA to name them but look for yourself

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