Picture of morretti SR-4 knex recon kit
morrettie SR-4 knex sniper is one of the most powerful knex guns.

Don't forget to rate it five stars if you like it!

the long awaited knex gun.... actually for 18 days. Ok lets get to the important things
this is one of the best knex guns ever ,in my opinion it is way better than gorkems sniper.

pic four is the original gun from BF2142

6th pic is it in the old colors and a few upgrades.

shooting power/range 40-65 ft depending on if you aim it up or not.
how power full is this gun you might ask? well it can shoot a gray rod in to an apple one inch.
It can shoot a rod through a card board box at about 10 ft away with a good shot
It can shoot through a shoe box at 15-20ft. away especially if you sharpen a rod.
I got it to shoot a sharpened rod at a milk jug and it made holes in the jug.

the bi-pod
this bi-pod is similar to knex sniper rifle
it can attach and detach. note the stronger your ball socket is the harder it will be for the bi-pod to fall off. you should have no problem with it falling off. pic 2

the magazine uses four decapitated gray connectors or two orange connectors cut in half. pic 3 demonstrates the parts im talking about if you have never heard of them or never made them.

why play the game when you can live it.

if you liked this gun later build these.
scar 11.01
the pereira pistol
cool link

P.S Also check out these from beameron:
The total cost of all of these pieces from KNEX.com is over $100! But, I've spent thousands (Not me my dad when I was 6) on KNEX, but I have so many pieces in my garage I don't have enough to build this!!!!! SO RIDICULOUS!!!
Oh goodness yes!
Knexman153 years ago
Can you just use ball joints instead of decapitated grey connectors?
the_burrito_master (author)  Knexman153 years ago
Nooo wow aren't we over this yet XD
Why not?
the_burrito_master (author)  Knexman153 years ago
snap a rod into one and find out if it slides through, it wont. and it's better to just cut in half one orange ladder connector u get 2 that way.
How strong is this gun?
step 12 has all that info.
Sorry, I just diden't look through the whole "ible".
Raiden973 years ago
i made a slide trigger for this gun, works pretty nice too!
My fave k'nex gun on this site. :P
matrix8283 years ago
Amazing gun, only problem for me was that it didnt fire well, so i modded it into a slingshot gun :D
i like the gun but its a shame that you have to cut the ammo
danbaha4 years ago
This is a great gun! It looks awesome, shoots hard and isn't flimsy at all! Nice job!
can i buld this with only 1 hinge?
yes just don't build the bipod or build it differently.
kool thx
This thing looks focking cool.
does this look like one of the fockers?
Anime_boy157 years ago
uh... no offense, but isn't there supposed to be another grey square with a perimiter of 4 blue rods?
the_burrito_master (author)  Anime_boy157 years ago
no you only need two.
i think they mean on pic 2 you forgot the grey square on the other panel
the_burrito_master (author)  ninjakoi4 years ago
I think that's the middle layer I only have one of those panels.. :C
Roel19947 years ago
Woow. This gun is Great!! 5 stars!. If I had the pieces for it I would built it.
the_burrito_master (author)  Roel19947 years ago
yeah every one says that try building only the important stuff if you want to.
instead of all the blue ones can i use snowflakes?
the_burrito_master (author)  Furloy5 years ago
cool thanks i am building now just finished with the mag ps i really hope this works because last time i tried to build a big nice sniper like this it was the jams storm battle sniper and i spent all afternoon (like 5 hours) on it and it was bullshit. ratings like 4.10 dont lie so im feeling lucky. good instructions thanx so far 5 stars but it really turns out after i see how she shoots! so far so good!
the_burrito_master (author)  Furloy5 years ago
The gun takes some patience to get used to it but it's ,a great old gun.
hey uh i finished and the ram only extends into the mag like about 1 inch and therefor is not shooting very far (right now like 2ft max). how do i fix this/make it shoot better? please respond soon or i will take it apart (not sopossed to be a threat just im gonna build somthing else
the_burrito_master (author)  Furloy5 years ago
it's only supposed to go in the mag that far, you must have been loading it wrong did you follow the instructions? This is a really touchy gun it takes some effort to get it to work sometimes. (but when it works it really pwns)
ehhh darn took it apart looks sweet though. i loaded it by putting the rods into the mag and pulled back the ram and boom, click snap no shooting action. am i sopposed to tilt it back so the ammo goes into the barrell more?
btw turns out i dont need snowflakes! other than when needed. i am able to build thiz cuz i found 12 pounds of knex on ebay 4 30 bucks and shoed my dad and he got them cuz its a really good deal. it came yesterday and was waaaaaaay more than i thought, it rocks. btw the clock is rong right now it 1/4 till eleven im goin to bed finish the gun tommorrow the reek havok while everyone is sleeping!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the_burrito_master (author)  Furloy5 years ago
Awesome, I hope you like it when you finish it I haven't hear of anyone building it in quite a while.
for strings do the strings need to be super tough, are they under a lot of tension?
the_burrito_master (author)  Furloy5 years ago
Anything that can hold up about 10 lb is fine for the trigger, but for the ram yeah it's gotta be tough. I recommend hemp kite string or parracord.
yeah sorry took it apart, the problem was that the ram only entered the magazine like 1 inch and did not shoot like at all. if you told me a good way on how to fix that i would rebuild the whole thing gladly. for now i am having a great time withe the pistol you made.
:( i dont have that many blue/orange pieces... Is it okay if i make a similar gun, just different parts?
the_burrito_master (author)  H3lloPeople7 years ago
yeah its your life go ahead do what you want. :) your not my slave lol.
nederlands ?
Yes master, lol jk. Well i didnt have the pieces(or motivation) to make this, so I totally destroyed my old sl9 and built on to it.
the_burrito_master (author)  H3lloPeople7 years ago
yeah thats fine.
Lowney Roel19946 years ago
I think people should only rate guns if they've built the thing. Some guns look good but are in fact crap (I can name several). However I have built this and could it be even better than my SRv2?
Furloy Lowney5 years ago
i gave it five stars cuz the pistol was good
Furloy Furloy5 years ago
just got more parts in the mail-gonna build right now
Such as what guns? I want to know.
CBA to name them but look for yourself
CBA? I don't want to look, that is why I am asking you.
WTF? I can't be bothered if it means so much to you then just search knex guns. I said a lot of guns are built for looks and don't work that well.
CBA is can't be asked, right?
knex mad6 years ago
your gun is great but you need to make some adjustments to you piece list extra connecters needed 1 light gray 1 green 4 red 2 white extra rods needed 1 blue 12 green 20 white 1 yellow overall a excellent powerful gun great well done
the_burrito_master (author)  knex mad6 years ago
hey! thanks. some n00b mad the parts list...
You should put the pistol in a diffrent instructable, but 5 and fav
No because it's the sniper kit not just the sniper.
Then make some binoculars and grenades and claymores...etc but its a great instructable
technicly they dont have binoculars and you have to unlock grenades in the ability side
OK the snipers have to unlock grenades. let me explain. OK when you get a kill you get a point so once you get enough points you go to the next rank when you get to the next rank you get to unlock something(in battlefield 2142 you don't get every thing to start with like in battlefield 1942) and in the game there are no binoculars because its 133 years in the futter
the_burrito_master (author)  hungyhipo 25 years ago
No it's only 132 years in the future ;)
hahaha you are so smart. actually u are incorrect. you are right that now it is only 132 years yet when i posted it it was 133 years comprendo
the_burrito_master (author)  hungyhipo 25 years ago
Ha, that's the entire reason I posted lol
all snipers need a pistol by their side, that's probably why he put it in the kit. Grenades are pretty much useless to a sniper in real life (as long as he is  a good sniper), but in a knex war, yeah it'd be awesome to have some grenades to chuck at your friends. But I don't think it should be added into this kit. Knex binoculars? That'd be a waste of knex in my opinion.
thats my friend but i dont care (he moved) BTW he told me he messed up the parts list on propurse
looks pretty deece. i would make it if i had the pieces (used all mine up on i am Canadians cannon)
You can always build it after you break iac's cannon.
i will try to
i only have 25 orange can i still build?
sandmman5 years ago
I cant see now to build the top right pieces in pic 6, can anyone help me?
Pics 17-18 should help you build give them a look
the_burrito_master (author)  sandmman5 years ago
There are also a couple other pics of it in step 6.
the_burrito_master (author)  sandmman5 years ago
there's a couple other views of it in the last 2 pictures. and you can press the [ i ] in the upper left hand corner to make the pics a little bigger.
i just finished the same sniper rifle you made [it looks a lot diferant] like five minutes ago
Can I see a picture of it?
sure but it's not as good
Lol phail
Your an epic fail!!!!!!!!
its not a fail. five stars for the effort
I said it wasent as good
It is a first try, though.
yes it is and i dont have enough knex to make it better
dude4445 years ago
 is the whole thing in pic 11 relevent
dowdy105 years ago
Very cool gun but i counted the yellow connector parts and it are like 138 not 94 :x. just wanted to tell lol

also 5 stars
for the mag couldn't you just use one of those black sockets?
you're prolly the 25th person to ask me that.... the short answer is no.

They would lock the bullets in and not let it shoot.
TOOLBELLS5 years ago
can you make insitructions for the mag please? i tryed guessing how to make it but it failed :P
the_burrito_master (author)  TOOLBELLS5 years ago
I think all I did was extend the front and back wall up ;with orange connectors and green rods.  and then made a side frame so the bullets wont fall out.
TOOLBELLS5 years ago
your so right the scope makes it look so much better. ive added a little red part into it so it makes it look like it has a lazer, its realy good!! i have one thing wich i got sort of stuck on though, you know its quite hard to see waht the parts where that to you needed to add to the gun. you know the top bit of it where all the parts for the scope slot onto, i found it har to tell waht it was until i figured it out, but still great job!
jackojack125 years ago
 This the coolest knex gun I have seen! Well done!! (5+ stars) 
Epic win!!!!5 stars.
thecrow1176 years ago
how do you add part c
the_burrito_master (author)  thecrow1176 years ago
lust slip the yellow rods into the gray connectors.
It does not want.
Your pictures are quite dark. it is hard to see how exactly the C thing goes.. could you please get brighter photo's?
the_burrito_master (author)  Maxajax25 years ago
The ends of the  yellow rods sit in he gray connectors.
Lol lust.
what is part c?
black ops5 years ago
okay one more of ur good guns 10/10
Ginge6205 years ago
How do u make the trigger thingy on the top on pic 2, 3 and 4

Vynash Ginge6205 years ago
Click the [ i ] Icon at the top left.  then it'll be litle easier. (it's a pretty simple barrel.)
Boasz5 years ago
i'f made your gun and it's totaly asome and i also made some adjustments so it shoots better.
The Jamalam5 years ago
I hope you don't mind; on my christmas present gun I used basically this bipod, without instructions ( I remember building the moretti before). Would you like me to change it, or are you ok with it?
the_burrito_master (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
I don't care it's just a bi-pod.
Thanks anyway :P
619rey7 years ago
do u have to have the mag
the_burrito_master (author)  619rey7 years ago
I made a big mag, but it is 2/3 the sise of youre's, and I don't even have enough gray rods to fill it.
At this point i could make one 10 ft. tall and fill it, easily.
ashchetm5 years ago
Do you still play bf2142? I do, if you fell like it ,friend me my solder's name is:
|TG| ashchetum
whats yours?
Lowney5 years ago
Can I use this hopper for my AA sniper (that I'll be posting)? It's just all my other hoppers didn't work as well as this did when I built it (the Morretti I mean). 
It will be slightly modded with a cover and adapted to hold red rods. 
the_burrito_master (author)  Lowney5 years ago
corey115 years ago
you have way to much time on your hands but i still like it so im not complaining
kalata1236 years ago
how does the Y connectors look like? could you send a picture?
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
You should have seen what I did with one of those.
i like this gun but i dont think it is as powerful as the gorkem because gorkems rifle because his barrel and firing pin are stronger so he can use rubber tubing and more rubber bands
THIS part isn't the rifle. it's a pistol. ANY pistol is going to be less powerful than a rifle. and the firing pin can just be made with a stronger version of the rod. so hah. the barrel doesn't really matter; its the pin and the trigger that matter.
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
DJ Radio Lowney5 years ago
here's what:
Y 001.JPGY 002.JPG
Lowney DJ Radio5 years ago
Thank you very much :D
Lowney6 years ago
Wow the handle is so comfy! (Although I've never made the K'nexsayer)
squarepants6 years ago
it was a bit cocky to say its one of the best guns ever-i'm assuming you built it, but yeah it does look awesome
dbordy6 years ago
Sweet gun. I don't have the pieces to build it but I rated it 5*.
Lowney6 years ago
Is this basically a massively upgraded Gorkem's Sniper?
DJ Radio Lowney6 years ago
no, its a replica.
Lowney DJ Radio6 years ago
Oh right it's just loads of snipers are now so it's hard to know. Not that there's anything wrong with Gorkem's
of wat
A gun from a game.
this is a seriously strong gun
knex mad6 years ago
is it single shot or is it like the real one that has i think 5 or 8
actualy the real thing has 10 shot or 5 but i think its most likely 10
the_burrito_master (author)  knex mad6 years ago
it has a mag not a revolver. I tried to make a revolver the first time I trIed and no one would have liked it.
Lowney6 years ago
Just finished (in old colours, I don't have many metallics) and looks and works great! However when the mag gets down to like the last 3 bullets or so it stops working, what went wrong? (I would rather not use a mag pusher as it is quite ugly)
tthomasvd6 years ago
40-65 feet?? FTW? is this a joke ONLY 40-65 feet? or does it shoot better. i think 60-100 ft??
the_burrito_master (author)  tthomasvd6 years ago
Dude knex cant go 100 ft only a cannon could possibly go that far.
Do slingshot guns count as cannons? I have video proof the SRv2 shoots 522ft. It's on my SRv2 instructable:
Raiden976 years ago
GO TO http://knexinstructions.weebly.com/ its really cool! (you should also sign up there)
Sting Teddy6 years ago
My gun isn't working at all... I have several problems: 1:when I shoot several of the gray rods pop out of the hopper while the one gray fires. 2: After a few shots my trigger stops working. 3:Yes i used the cut in half oranges and all the parts required. 4.I put in almost 4 hours (!!!) only to have it not work. Based on the ratings and comments many, many people have had great success with this gun. Any help is greatly appreciated because I really want this to work. :( :'(
heres some answers 1:put one bullet in the mag at once or put a mag pusher(which lowers the power) 2:tie your string tighter(its stretching) 3:ok... 4:thats nice but one thing, i built this gun and it is the most powerful ram gun ive ever built, it shot half the distance of my high range sniper improved
the_burrito_master (author)  Sting Teddy6 years ago
My guess with the trigger problem is your string stretching, or the actual trigger is getting pressed in between the connectors that guide the ram. putting spacers before and after the block trigger will lessen the friction. the gray rods pop out some times that's normal. I made a flap for the top to hold it in. I think I added it to the ible. How's the range?
tthomasvd6 years ago
I did make the gun now and yes its shoot 60-100 ft... -.-"
are the hinge pieces for the gun part necessary, I don't have them
oh thanks, i still dont think ill build this one yet though, ill make the scar 11.01 it looks cooler and easier to build. Whats the game you get the models from?
battlefield 2142
no there for the bi-pod and the sight.
Raiden976 years ago
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=726 < this gun is amazing !! bud he shoots max 50 feet D=
DJ Radio6 years ago
Lol.... almost 2 years, and its still a platinum hit ;-)
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
allricht , the morreti looks good very good !! bud if i pul back the trigger than you must al lot of power use to pull it back ! ( al little unclear i think ) bud he looks great ! i think that i bould the scar 11.01 maby can you say how that is possible ... bud it's still a great gun !!
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
allricht , bud i would like to make the most powerfull .. bud you say that the scar better is .. but the morretti shoots farther , and if you put more and more rubberbands canb it shoot than the same als the morreti ? sorry for al that questions bud you must say witch one is better and realy powerfull is ;) i would build that one .. ~dutchguy
the_burrito_master (author)  Dirtyboyy6 years ago
the morretie is more powerful some times some times it jams and some times it barely shoots ,but when it works it shoots very far. I'd say just build them both you can always take them apart and build something else.

I'd recommend this http://knexinnovation.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=726
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
the-burrito_master you are a great knex builder ;)
bud i have some questions : can this gun shoot farther than gorkems sniper rifle ? and how do you must reload on the smae way as gorkems sniper rifle ?
and you say that he can shoot 40-65 feet bud he looks like gorkems sniper and shoot around 150 feet so i don't understand it ;)

and i have questions abouth the assault kitscar 11.01 could it shoot max 45 feet or can is shoot very hard and far oround the 100 feet ? because he looks verry good ! and if you place more and more rubberband on the assault kit scar 11.01 do it have then problems with that trigger ?

sorry for that questions bud i love your guns and i would to build it ;)
maby is it a little bit unclear bud i'm dutch ;) 5* < ofcourse
the_burrito_master (author)  Dirtyboyy6 years ago
well fro one gorkems sniper was all a lie. any wimpy gun with a sharpened rod could shoot through a tin can. this gun is by far better than gorkems. The scar 11.01 can shoot as good as you want it too the more rubber bands the better. the trigger should hold up fine but if it doesn't I recommend making a more modern trigger. I think the scar is actually a lot better than this gun this gun might have more power sometimes but the scar is more reliable. the word you use "bud" it's really spelled "but" thanks :) TBM
That is the best looking knex gun ever! Great job!
thank you!
i found a new way of connecting knex- get a white rod and attatch 3 half circles on it on the very bottom middle connector (orange tabbed ones) make a few more and attatch them all with green rods (attatch them on each side far left and far right) once u have them connected attatch a rod as long as the row of oranges. put the rod in between the tabs going the long way. if u did it right they should snap in (srry my camera broke.) >=( if u can do this u can put a picture on.
do disposable cameras work?
what the heck?
MIKEHS936 years ago
in step 15 is the hinge essential? is there a replacement you could use?
the_burrito_master (author)  MIKEHS936 years ago
no but I guess you don't even need it. just use a silver spacer instead of the blue spacer and hinge piece.
iundonei6 years ago
does it have to be a string or can i use ruber bands tied up?
the_burrito_master (author)  iundonei6 years ago
use string.
longwhite6 years ago
can you use the black joint thing instead
the_burrito_master (author)  longwhite6 years ago
it's worth a try but I doubt it.
would u say this uses more pieces than the M107?
maybe but this thing's pretty part efficient.
Bwbt16 years ago
nearly the same as 1 bipod i made, like it! :-)
J Moneyman6 years ago
kool dude. i have tried looking for this, but i was looking under P33 Pereira Pistol!
the_burrito_master (author)  J Moneyman6 years ago
lol thanks.
no problem. i just played 2142 Battlefield (i'm pretty sure that's the name) and before a couple days ago i didn't know where these guns came from. i was thinking gears, but i never remembered seeing those guns.
the_burrito_master (author)  J Moneyman6 years ago
yeah sorta it's Batlefield 2142 lol.
ferrari4846 years ago
does it shoot far?
the_burrito_master (author)  ferrari4846 years ago
read the intro... It say's it shoots 40 to 60 ft.
knexsniper16 years ago
http://www.instructables.com/tag/?sort=none&q=knexsniper1Dude! that gun is amazing!!!
check out my hand gun, its not the coolest looking, but it has a great range for a gun of its size.
the_burrito_master (author)  knexsniper16 years ago
thanks :)
kotarski6 years ago
in step 5 pic 2.
kotarski6 years ago
In A and B could you put a yellow thing saying how many 5 point connectors there are....or at least tell me....
kotarski6 years ago
When are you gonna Make instructions for a mag. Whenever i tr to make one it falls apart.*crys*
kotarski6 years ago
Very nice gun but i have run out of the 7 way 3d conectors does it matter if i use the 8 way normal conectors??
needles3006 years ago
I tryed to make that gun but I gone to your other one, witch was easier.
amtdude6 years ago
is it a single shot?
the_burrito_master (author)  amtdude6 years ago
No it ain't its the fastest shootable mag fed gun ever.... maybe. I could shoot it fast any way. and it NEVER jams.
amtdude6 years ago
very nice. it is looks biger from the ither end of ther gun 5*
amtdude6 years ago
in the first pic. you forgot 21 green small rods, 12 grey conectors, and 8 red conectors.
thecrow1176 years ago
i give it 3* becuse of looks when i finished it always jammed
the_burrito_master (author)  thecrow1176 years ago
ok you definitely have a problem because it would only jam once or twice every 50 shots. (I used a 60 shot hopper) and only jammed once or twice. you kinda have to get accustomed to the gun when you get the hang of it it will work like crazy. also you should sharpen the end of your ram A LITTLE BITit will help with the cocking.


It says 1021 but a bunch were deleted.
King_Banana6 years ago
i used the barrel on this for a gun that i made and it looks awesome!
the_burrito_master (author)  King_Banana6 years ago
Nazgul6 years ago
is there away how i can make this with 70-75 oranges plz tell me
the_burrito_master (author)  Nazgul6 years ago
yeah don't build the scope (it doesn't work any way)
I love your gun, and I love battlefield 2142 but I only have 70 yellow connectors, could I make this if I took the scope and some other stuff off??
Wooooo it looks awesum!! only for the look im already giving it a 5*!!! xD
thecrow1176 years ago
thecrow1176 years ago
can you tell me hw to make the top right peice in pic 6
Owenmon6 years ago
do you need the duct tape? i can get some, but i would prefer not to
the_burrito_master (author)  Owenmon6 years ago
really any kind of tape will but duct tape is the best. believe me it really helps it stay together.
Hey do you mind if I use this gun's barrel? My old one had too much recoil.
Thanks. lol funny picture
mecmac976 years ago
can you make it without the y connecters?
WTF we both have the same pictures!
i used mine from my imikimi acount. it was 1 of the base pics. u should check imikimi out. my names the same if ur intrested and u can put ur face were the master chiefs is.
the_burrito_master (author)  mecmac976 years ago
in some places maybe. but I wouldn't think so.
King_Banana6 years ago
should i build this, scar 11, or park 52 kuz im getting a TON of new pieces soon
the_burrito_master (author)  King_Banana6 years ago
grevious6 years ago
yes... a very crucial step.
catgod6 years ago
do you mean the ram is destructable with duck tape or the ram is almost indestructable with duck tape
the_burrito_master (author)  catgod6 years ago
the ram is almost indestructable with tape. meaning invincible
catgod catgod6 years ago
i mean the ram is destructable without ducktape
whoa! this pistol is so sweet! a good true trigger, a hand-molded handle, a decent mag, and good power! I love it! not to mention looks kickass I accidently snapped one of the grey rods out and now its like half broken..... i can't even snap it back in! any help? I might have to take it apart and pretty much reassemble it but i'll wait to see if anyone has an idea. Once i fix i'm thinking of adding my handle/ grenade launcher mod on- i originally made one for the mini scar, which i should be able to fix now that I know the difference between cut grays and ball sockets lol
thanks just take the gray rod out and forget about it. try to unbend it a little.
what happened was the barrel was off-track when the grey got snapped out... i already fixed all i did was take out the barrel part and snap it all back in tonight i'll fix the micro scar and make my cool second handle/grenade launcher mod- should I post? its based off the original second handle on the scar 11- just as comfy w/ a grenade launcher built in. ill post a pic if i get my laptops camera working
if you want to bit it's lame to make mods unless there something to make it funtion better or look better. so yeah if you want to I'm not going to stop you but I'm not encouraging it.
oh i didnt kno.... im a newb to this site and knex guns lol can u tell me if my new gun idea is cool? i wana try to make a compact rifle kind of like the osnjckma2 w/ pump action and a mag like the periera
yeah that would be cool.
ty burritomaster- i'lll make the pistol today. what ammo does it shoot and how many can it hold?
yannyboy6 years ago
shall i post this gun its from Battlefield 2142
cool gun Battlefield 2142.gif
post dude!
the_burrito_master (author)  yannyboy6 years ago
sure if you can build it good! I heard you were getting gh4 that's sweet we could play online if you want.
yeah how did u know?=)
the_burrito_master (author)  yannyboy6 years ago
my brother told me he's knex_builder_freak we are getting it opening DAY not night. Sunday mornin'! my older brother doesn't want to take us with all the bums in tents are there lol.
the_burrito_master (author)  yannyboy6 years ago
yay I think I am going tonight after all!!!!
thats very cool
the_burrito_master (author)  yannyboy6 years ago
yep now it's 4 hours and 2 mins!!!
wooooooooooooooo i want to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the_burrito_master (author)  yannyboy6 years ago
I have it now! but the wire broke in the right cymbal and now we have to get a new one.
shazbob6 years ago
which of all your guns would you say is the "best"
the_burrito_master (author)  shazbob6 years ago
the pistol in this instructable.
shazbob6 years ago
does the sight/scope thing work or is it just 4 show?
the_burrito_master (author)  shazbob6 years ago
it's just 4 show.
thats cool the front barrel kinda looks like the long shot rifle from gears of war
beameron6 years ago
atstap 5 at PIC 1 it says add bleu rodds and 2 white snowflake connectors here i,ll show you later Bt i didnt seen that part yet xD
beameron6 years ago
my other post NVM i made them xd But i wanna say i made the bipod on my gun and it can rotateso i push buttton and my bipod comes out and i need to push it back and it stays there agian Mayby it,s coolidea to post too O.o ??
the_burrito_master (author)  beameron6 years ago
yeah sounds cool I could collaborate the instructable.
it looks cool but how far will it shoot
a good 50 ft! it kinda says that right in the intro!
beameron6 years ago
at stap 2 XD
beameron6 years ago
Plz sho me how to build last thing with bleu xD
beameron6 years ago
Can you mayby post video on youtube ?
Vynash beameron6 years ago
nope. I don't just have it built right now.
yannyboy6 years ago
the real morretie
timmit996 years ago
Awesome gun. I made some modifications to the open section near the firing pin. made it bolt action. if you want ill post images. thanks again!
the_burrito_master (author)  timmit996 years ago
sweet you should post some pictures.
where does the magazine go? please answer
It shows you how to build every thing look at the instructions. it goes right in the front
knexfreak956 years ago
I have made a gun very similar to this but i hade it shoot 86ft and could go threw a card board box at 20 feet away but it was not as shweet as this
Austin1016 years ago
nice gun man. looks really POWERFUL.:D
takes a while to build but i will make that gun.
the_burrito_master (author)  Austin1016 years ago
sweat! good luck.
statified6 years ago
i chose to make the pereira pistol as i dont have enough pieces to make the sniper and wow! what a gun! i fire it 30ft with one band. i was a little skeptical about cutting ym pieces to start with but it was definetly worth it!
the_burrito_master (author)  statified6 years ago
thanks! yeah I made sure I gave that thing some good power.
Mango Man!6 years ago
A few things. 1. how long/heavy is it? it looks like its about 1 meter long. 2. what rubber bands did you use? I will definitely be making this once I have the time.
the_burrito_master (author)  Mango Man!6 years ago
it is about one meter yes... I just used very large rubber bands that can stretch all the way to the middle of the front. the rubber bands I used actually come off of lettuce they are very big and power full.
nubcakes106 years ago
i dont know if something was deleted or whatever, but is there a step for where u put the rubberbands. im pretty much done with the gun but i dont know where to put the bands to make it shoot.
the_burrito_master (author)  nubcakes106 years ago
it's so easy just link up two long rubber bands and then put the knot in the orange connector then stretch the ends to one of the blue rods it the front.
ok thanks
11knexman116 years ago
hey burrito if you ever have time can you make a clark shotgun and make it shoot at the least 3 bullets ,i really love shotguns
deathsithz6 years ago
lol i for got to rate you gun 5.0 woooot!
the_burrito_master (author)  deathsithz6 years ago
lol thanks.
mamoo6 years ago
How do you make the ram for the sniper?????????? HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
the_burrito_master (author)  mamoo6 years ago
you have to do it for your self.
The Jamalam7 years ago
hey - i have noticed something. half of the notes on the intro pics (i didn't look at the rest) were made by some guy called knex_coaster_freak. why is this?
11knexman117 years ago
hay um burrito master your scar 11 page has problems or something everytime i try to look at it it sais "the page is not responding" if anyone has any idea plz comment. ty if comment :)
the_burrito_master (author)  11knexman117 years ago
are you using internet explorer? if so use Mozila fire fox it never has any problems. just google search Mozila fire fox.
I was so gonna make this but then realized all my chopped cnektrs are in use...
believe me this gun is better than the one using the connectors... probably
I made some more chopd, and It is really cool. I put a few small mods for ease of use. Some shots get pretty good distance, but for some reason, most of the shots get like 3 yards.
Woops, put another band on and it got 40...
40 yds. or 40 ft.? if it's yards I'm impressed.
noooo, feet. lol, but i took off the other band cuz I needed it for the gun I just posted anyway.
ok cool I'm gonna see it.
Lol that sucks...
How do you pop up after every comment I type?
Lol not every....
adio7 years ago
are there anyways that when u have the mag full and shoot the bullets won't fly out the top of the mag without ur hand covering it
Here's what I did.
cool that works. nice new picture.
Ty, Oblivitous did it 4 me.
the_burrito_master (author)  adio7 years ago
put some gray connectors across the top. or build a pusher.
apples!!!!!7 years ago
You have inspired me to build my own.
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
Ya but someone raped the rating.........
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
ohh to bad... it doesn't rely matter unless you look under rating.
Yah....good comments, terrible rating.....rofl...
minime123587 years ago
You know they have the decapitated greys to sell. They are black. Look at Killerks knex gun to see what I am talking about.
Those are ball sockets.....
They are the same thing as half of a orange.
Lol, they're not. How else would the rod clip into the ball joint in Killerk's pistol if it were the same as a decapitated gray?
dudesirule27 years ago
Just need to find the small greens and I can start building. BTW, what are the dark grey connectors. Can you show me a pic?
the_burrito_master (author)  dudesirule27 years ago
they're the connectors with only one connection points.
This is sweet - im still building it. But here's and idea. If you have one the Knex men, they have these parts on there arms and legs that are exactley the same shape and everything as the decapitated grays. So yeah.
those pieces don't work they're made to have a smaller hole in them to hold the ball joint in to them.
homzy057 years ago
is the gun worth building or is the scar 11.01 worth building please tell me so I don't waist my time ,thank you
the_burrito_master (author)  homzy057 years ago
they both are the scar is about the same power wise but its easier to handle and has a bigger mag.
the_burrito_master (author) 7 years ago
kbf and I just re built this thing I didn't help to much except gather some parts.
is the gun worth my time cause most people says its a good gun, but when they make it its not so great?
the_burrito_master (author) 7 years ago
who is goin' to get the 900 comment?
benfoxg benfoxg7 years ago
benfoxg benfoxg7 years ago
benfoxg benfoxg7 years ago
am. YAY I DID IT!!!W00T!@!@!@!
the_burrito_master (author)  benfoxg7 years ago
Skreetsha7 years ago
Coming soon: The Scorpion 360 C.D.M
the_burrito_master (author)  Skreetsha7 years ago
coooollllll it looks a litle odd though try working on the looks for a while.
deawon27 years ago
this is a very good gun but dont you think its a little to hard to build for in the book?
i built it and manyother people have, if your having a little trouble try building other guns, then trying at this again
the_burrito_master (author)  deawon27 years ago
I dont know how it works dose the book give you a link to the instructable or dose it have instructions in the book?
deawon27 years ago
sorry looked at the wrong thing i clickt on step 2 gain
the_burrito_master (author)  deawon27 years ago
lol its ok but 3 of these ??? or these !!! works fine. don't be n00bish
hah i was carried away and dint want to take my finger off
gijo917 years ago
whenever I try to shoot it the grey rods jump out of the mag. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants a decent knex sniper.
the_burrito_master (author)  gijo917 years ago
Read other comments lower down. You should find some pictures that show you how to make a top.
kkkalex7 years ago
DUDE awesome gun but i have a question what s the little complex thing in the upper right hand corner i cant see it too good ty in advanced
the_burrito_master (author)  kkkalex7 years ago
that's the barrel I think it comes later so don't worry about it.
where do i get panels?
look on ebay under knex and you will find what you want I don't know of any specific sets though.
should i build this or ironman69's l96 cuz i only have enough pieces for one
I don't know, this one.
timhaz17 years ago
insane weapon +1 voted
the_burrito_master (author)  timhaz17 years ago
the_burrito_master (author) 7 years ago

vote for this instructable for the book contest

grevious7 years ago
lol dude is that a block trigger i see? or not between the spacers and the white connectors?
the_burrito_master (author)  grevious7 years ago
yes it is. but I made it in to a true trigger.
NICE GUN! i just finished building it but i gotta go get some string tomorrow
By the way it's "shown" not "shone" sorry for this annoying habit
thanks! no no no that's a good habit thanks a lot.
gamingeek7 years ago
do you need all 93 orange connectors? I only have 72...
the_burrito_master (author)  gamingeek7 years ago
no because you don't need them on the ram cage.
ok cool thanks
do you have to decapitate the pieces?
do you really need to duct tape the pieces? my duct tape is way to wide for these pieces lol
the_burrito_master (author)  eheeohoo277 years ago
you rip the duct tape in half.
cant u use can clips?
the_burrito_master (author)  aksmak17 years ago
yeah but it wont shoot to well and you'll have to sharpen you're ram with a pencil sharpener just a LITTLE BIT.
apples!!!!!7 years ago
dude....its big.how the hell did you finish it it 1 and 1/2 hours??
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
it was the second time I built it and i knew how to do it. I didn't build it in an hour and a half I built it in 3-4 hrs.
ya....im still goin.takes forever
wow.i actually finished it. its awesome!!!i like that the barrel is not one of those orange connector barrels.im trying to come up with a different trigger, and another scope cuz i ran outta pieces. btw, i think the piece count for yellows is very off. +5
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
ok nice glad you like it. good luck with the trigger.
yeah....no luck with that so far
i have no pieces leftover for the pistol :(
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
lame.... :(
yay i do now :)
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
ok cool. get to it then. :)
yay i will. i like their burritos btw. theyre good :)
the_burrito_master (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
I like there burritos btw there good... lol you said the same thing twice.
no, its another way of saying "btw, i like their burritos, their good." but whatever :P
the coment is geting smaller lol
thank the cascading comment thing they made to view conversations.
thank you cascading comment thing
cascading comment thing says: your welcome :)
Keep it Going! Nice Instructable.
Lol u kidding 3-4 hrs? I built mine in that long, and its like 1 3/4 feet long..
the_burrito_master (author)  H3lloPeople7 years ago
well maybe I'm just faster at building.
Yeah maybe, but its probably cuz you have more experience..
eheeohoo277 years ago
should fit it with a hammer mechanism
the_burrito_master (author)  eheeohoo277 years ago
that would have been cool :)
how do you make your guns? do ou brainstorm/draw pictures first ? or do you just invent while you build? sorry for so many questions lol
the_burrito_master (author)  eheeohoo277 years ago
well this one is from a game that where i get the shape. how I make it is i get an idea when I sleep ,some times. then I build it to the picture and some times it doesn't look right so I have to change stuff and before you know it the gun looks great. its all about time. unless you spend at least a weak on the gun it wont work/look good/or be built by anyone.
ok ty, i'm thinking of building a sniper myself,but one without a magazine, so you can focus ont that single rod which has to come out with good accuracy,
the_burrito_master (author)  eheeohoo277 years ago
eheeohoo277 years ago
this jas like nothing to do with knex guns, but i thought it'd be cool lol, here's how to make a laser powerful, get a laser from your airsoft gun, open it, light the little square thingy 3-4times with a soldering iron, close again and you have an airsoft gun/laser burner at the same time xd
sniper4457 years ago
well smack my mouth and call me sally! thats sweet nice construction
hi sally :)
the_burrito_master (author)  sniper4457 years ago
thanks *slap.
All I can say is WOW....
one thing i dont have any blue/black hinges but can you use ball socket joints
llllloooooooooooolllllllllll nice weapon !!!!!!!!!!!! i build it olso its a good gun !
learn some grammar o_o thanks.
ok.... so thats a lot of peices i have them but i need to sort them out thanks ill make it l8r
catgod7 years ago
how come the ram barrly reaches the mag? otherwise great gun
the_burrito_master (author)  catgod7 years ago
the farther the ram travels the more power so I made it go as far as it can possibly go.
ok, but when i built it the ram was barrly hitting the ammo. was i doing something wrong?
the_burrito_master (author)  catgod7 years ago
maybe the barrel or the ram had too many connectors on it.
ok. well i am just going to rebuild it. thanks
catgod catgod7 years ago
can you post a video?
this is one the coolest knex guns i've seen
I know isn't it great!
Just out of curiosity ,but how do you get the picture next to your name?
The Jamalam7 years ago
whoa! recoil!
aksmak17 years ago
i dont no what sniper rifle to make next, i have made mepains expert version which is grt but i want to change. can any1 help me to choose?????
the_burrito_master (author)  aksmak17 years ago
the morretti is a good choice the essentials can be built very quickly. and its a really great gun but make some mod so you don't have to use a string for the ram.
thnx burrito master for your advice, This question is for evry1, shall i make Gorkems sniper rifle
the_burrito_master (author)  aksmak17 years ago
no its not very good at all
have you made it?, if so what problems did you have?
the_burrito_master (author)  aksmak17 years ago
it has no power what so ever half the time and its very breakable. no room for the ram to accelerate.
go on ma instructable, its my first www.instructables.com/id/suspension-car
aksmak1 aksmak17 years ago
*i meen should i make
killjoy7 years ago
I love this gun its awesom burrito_master nice job. I found out how to make your awesome bipod even better
hellpilot7 years ago
*GASP* Can someone tell me what to build! (I wont have enough pieces for this gun) the Park52 or the Scar 11.01!
the_burrito_master (author)  hellpilot7 years ago
ok... step 2.... step 4.... step 5.... step 6..... step 8..... and your done those are the only necessary parts.
SWSOE7 years ago
I built it and its amazing. The only thing is that the ram is hard to pull back.
the_burrito_master (author)  SWSOE7 years ago
thanks i know because of the string.
!revenge!7 years ago
do you need to cut those piece's in half ??
the_burrito_master (author)  !revenge!7 years ago
yeah it will make the loading possible.
cant u use the tan connector/clip things???
no, the tan clips are shorter then the barrel and hold hold one side.
kk just wonderin as i dnt want 2 be half way into making it and realising that i cnt use tan clips
the_burrito_master (author)  aksmak17 years ago
oh and make sure you tape it up with good tape duct tape and electric tape would work the best.
n00bkiller7 years ago
is tis a kit u can buy? if so TELL ME WHARE 2 BUY IT
nope, none of these instructables are kits. if they were then posting instructions here would be illegal.
jeansl107 years ago
it would be cool if someone tried to make rdx explosives maybe il try to do it
omg ttly do that. like with ruber bands hole it down on a ballon but when hit on impact the rubber band lets go. or use a m80 with knex glued on like the little green peices. i think i just found your knex granade
this is a great gun. but the bullet dips down alot though, is there any way i can fix that? anyway good stuff +1
went you're shooting be careful to hold the gun very steady and not pull it up at all and it should make it better.
stale567 years ago
what does the pistol shoot, and does it have a mag?
the_burrito_master (author)  stale567 years ago
yellow rods and it holds five bullets yes.
cnmaine7 years ago
this thing costs $150+
the_burrito_master (author)  cnmaine7 years ago
yeah by buying all the pieces of knex.com
!revenge!7 years ago
it is too big really, 117,5 cm
!revenge!7 years ago
what is a gray gear piece i don't know very much about english
It is this.
Photo 133.jpg
the_burrito_master (author)  !revenge!7 years ago
do you mean the wheel rim. thats just a small knex wheel with no tire.
steven w347 years ago
i thaught great but poor because of the string along the side i realise it was unavoidable, but mi hat comes off to you for using ur time to make this tnstructable
the_burrito_master (author)  steven w347 years ago
hotdogman7 years ago
i dont have any of the panels, can i still build it?
the_burrito_master (author)  hotdogman7 years ago
sure you can build it still just use yellow rods.
nice gun +1
Storm9507 years ago
At first the pistol wasn't working too great, then I tweaked it a little tightened things up etc and with one elastic band it is soooo efficient, easily could pierce a can with 3 + on. Everything works great, best pistol I have made... nice one !
the_burrito_master (author)  Storm9507 years ago
juneapaluna7 years ago
Moretti or Mepain's?
the_burrito_master (author)  juneapaluna7 years ago
mepain's if you don't have so many pieces but this gun is a lot better
Thank you.
ShotPain7 years ago
man im (semi) lethal now! im holding a moretti a winona and your scar knife with my own nade, oh yeah im ready to re inact TITAN ATTACK!!!
the_burrito_master (author)  ShotPain7 years ago
ha ha ha cool glad you like them.
mrbox7 years ago
I seriously cant decide what to build anymore most guns i have built in the past week sucked... I think im gonna destroy the sr-v1 the trigger keeps misfiring and my sr-v1 is 23 yellows long on the top part... Does anyone have any good gun suggestions as in their best gun? Cause im just gonna make a gun and super mega fy it.... as in super glue the ram and barrel and never take it apart
knexguy mrbox7 years ago
Pereira or Park 52 would be my reccommendation: They're the two guns that have always worked best for me. It would be worth building them without 'super mega fying' them first, to see if you like them. But I reccommend waiting for Ironman69 to release his guns first.
mrbox7 years ago
Have you guys eaten at Noah's Bagels OOOH they are just good just amazing bagels... Get em everyday for breakfast!
the_burrito_master (author)  mrbox7 years ago
!revenge!7 years ago
where do you get so much k'nex ???
the_burrito_master (author)  !revenge!7 years ago
I devote my self to making money some times and then buy knex (my mom lets me scratch her back for 10c a minute) thats more than minimum wage after deductions.
wow... that's an... uh... interesting way to make money... Well, I do lemonade stands, which is kinda' embarrising, but it rocks!!! Everybody in my neighborhood loves lemonade. It costs me 50 cents for one pitcher of lemonade. On average, I make $24. 51 for every two pitchers. It rocks!!!! (Also, I get an allowance of $8.00 per week, and I don't even have to do anything to get it)
thats sweet sounds like you don't have much of a problem getting money.
Yeah, but I'm not spoiled or anything. I just save about 3/4 towards college.
yeah I know. thats good free college when you go lol...if you save enough any way.
Lol, you should do pineappleade!
mrbox7 years ago
Just wondering is it really worth it to build this sniper for those who have built it? NEED A SUPER STRONG GUN PLEASE REPLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BUILT THIS OR HAVE A BETTER GUN Im looking for the strongest sniper out there so.... Just gimme a comment or a suggestion on the gun or gun's
the_burrito_master (author)  mrbox7 years ago
well lets say this this is the strongest ram gun. I know killerks sniper can shoot a little farther ,but the trigger isn't reliable. I think this is all around best.
Thanks for the reply =) Cause I blew up Mepains sniper rifle and Killerk's cause for one Mepains sniper rifle wasnt too good on power everything else... it was amazing like a really sniper rifle. And killerk's sniper rifle.... The trigger/ firing mechanism wasn't too good but the frame was nice... It kepy misfiring

So far my best guns are:
Pistol - Winnoa Pistol V 3.0
Sniper - NONE
Shotgun - Hack 124 something...
ONLY GOOD BLOCK TRIGGER EVER - Killerk and http://www.instructables.com/id/basic-pistol/
Crossbow: Drummer ians
RBG - That one king of rbgs or something
Magazine gun - Mepain shifle
Machine gun - Soon to be Dillon Minigun but right now its Perfect ducks cyclone moded by me
Cannon (or classified as a punch) - Oodalumps cannon

I made all of these and still have them =)
I have just enough probably to make your sniper rifle twice
the_burrito_master (author)  mrbox7 years ago
ok good you should put my cross bow in there its the best... I think. For a magazine gun should be the scar but I don't think you ever built it did you.
The scar seems a little too big but whatever the shotgun is just of a joke to me.. I heard the scar was a great gun cause it was pretty big =)

I built your crossbow, it was good but couldnt handle the tension like Drummer ians...

Btw I just wasted my life building the DUMBEST GUN IN THE WORLD -.-......
the_burrito_master (author)  mrbox7 years ago
witch gun was that?

It broke after I shot it..... It couldnt handle the kind of tension i put on knex guns =/
the_burrito_master (author)  mrbox7 years ago
That gun is not a waist of time its one of the good ones. just use rely thin rubberbands.
What i meant was the gun and my grey rods snapped in half like BROKE.... And sides i dont have a weak enough rubberband to use for that gun... I made a 20ft one and a 4ft one... so... the 20 broke along with the 4ft one... I think im gonna stick to bows and ram guns...
the_burrito_master (author)  mrbox7 years ago
I see... but if you have rely wimpy rubber bands it rely is a great gun. its just not strong enough.
heatblast7 years ago
hey burrito master i built the petiera pistol and i like it alot. i only used three rubber bands and it shot through an aluminum can. thanks. heatblast.
the_burrito_master (author)  heatblast7 years ago
nice ,but you forgot about the red peace that goes on top of the pistol.
!revenge!7 years ago
what is an y connector ??? srry i don't know because i'm dutch
the_burrito_master (author)  !revenge!7 years ago
This is what it is http://www.knex.com/building_toys/stard_black_rodconnector.php

It's not because your Dutch its just because you don't know.
lol yeah you're right
Stavroz7 years ago
srry burrito master ( i loooove buritos btw) i think ure gun is awesome! im gonna rebuild it now.
the_burrito_master (author)  Stavroz7 years ago
thanks. and a whats with the lower comment?
Stavroz7 years ago
putting so many "lols" on a comment....? that's sick
jabphoenix7 years ago
woooooooooooooow hey im new how do i show mine cuz i made a final fantasy First Tsurugi to show
the_burrito_master (author)  jabphoenix7 years ago
Ok go to your home page press the submit button and look at the options Instructable is to make instructions forum is to make a small topic for your creation etc. the rest is self explanatory.
kmlucy7 years ago
where is the firing pin on the pistol, i tried to make one, but it only shot like one foot? how do i make one that can shoot the knex piece
the_burrito_master (author)  kmlucy7 years ago
use the same ram that is in the morrettis instructions.