Make some simple moss bombs to throw at buildings and add some living green to your urban cement-scape.

Step 1: Find your moss

Picture of find your moss
Moss can be found in all sorts of corners. I found mine near an abandoned pool. You can also find it online, though expensive, at mossacres.com
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why the paint?

Just color, for fun.

Mr. Deeds7 years ago
Interesting. I don't suppose you could put large quantities of this in buckets and use it as a paint of sorts? I personally like the idea of moss painting.
yes indeed you can :)
I would leave the paint out of the mix if using it as an actual paint.
The easy way to fill the balloon without getting a mouthful of mossy beer would be to add the contents to a bottle that has not been cut or punctured in any way.

Then blow up the balloon to the desired size, twist the neck a few times to stop the air escaping and then stretch the neck of the balloon over the bottle opening. The balloon will stay inflated.

Turn the whole lot upside down and the contents of the bottle will fall into the balloon. Remove the still inflated balloon and tie it off.

I figured out this method whilst making about 300 balloon and birdseed style juggling balls. In fact, I should make an instructable of this.
You just taught me how to make my own juggling balls! That's awesome!
This is ludicrous, moss may be pretty , but it ruins cement. Your paint filled moss bombs look quite disgusting, But perhaps you need the world to look like vomit or diarrhea. Do this in your bed room, sure to impress mummy and dada.

Consider getting your cities to make more green space parks and kill people who destroy them.

Oh BTW , in the summer, since I was maybe 8, we city kids would have water balloon fights. My parents (et al), would flip if we ran the hose too much. We filled a big bucket with water, from it we filled glass soda bottles, (lord I am ancient), we simply inflated the balloon and pulled it (carefully ) over top of a water filled soda bottle to just below crown (no screw tops) then holding the balloon on the neck , inverted them.

Air goes up, liquid goes down. Never had an issue. After 2-3 never lost a balloon. If you want way more air then only put a little sludge water, whatever, and fill the balloon a tad past where you want it. (Newbies will loose air till they get it right)

In later years plastic bottle made it easier, faster too since then they had half gallon bottles.
mpikas3 years ago
Not a great idea, some mosses and some of the things you'll find with them (mushrooms) can make you pretty sick in pretty small quantities. If you want to get the balloon fuller and pop better just put it over a water faucet or hose nozzle and top it off with some water, that will work better than air and is much safer.
mpikas3 years ago
You're pretty much just adding something for the moss spores to use as fuel, I've never tried sugar but I've done bread and water or bred and beer, both worked about the same. I usually add them in the previous step in the blender to mix/cut everything up well.
j574sbi6 years ago
i'm thinking mortar and pestle might be safer and also not ruin my grinder.
mpikas j574sbi3 years ago
mortar and pestle won't work, you're not so much grinding it as cutting it up/blending it.
spectacular3 years ago
That. Looks. Disgusting. Haha the paint makes it look like blood (!)
ilpug4 years ago

i made a filling device for these. pretty simple and makes it a lot easier and cleaner.
wilson.joe7 years ago
now if there was just a way of getting up on the statue of liberty and getting some moss to grow under her nose... :)
waterbomb launcher.jpg
how  much moss do you need per beer can?
uldron5 years ago
THe easier way for this is to get a straw and blow into the straw. it inflates the baloon and no mess in mouth,
or bike or basketball pump
ya thatll probly work better
danyforreal5 years ago
I would advise against blowing into the balloons with your mouth after it's had the moss in them. Couldn't you just use water balloons? I think a soap pump dispenser may give enough pressure to inflate the balloons so that you don't even have to blow any air into them after wards. I've seen Martha Stewart use unflavored yogurt and moss in the blender. But my question is how soon do you have to use the bombs before they go bad or start to explode or stink or rot or whatever? I'm thinking about making a ton of these to explode onto our art center walls.
You could also fill an empty squeeze bottle (like the ones for squeezable ketchup) with the mixture all the way. attach the balloon around the tip of the bottle and simply squeeze the bottle to fill the balloon.
 You could probably use a bike pump to inflate the balloons if you didn't want to do it with your mouth.
Is there another way to grow moss? I actually don't drink beer and the thought makes me gag. I have a very strange home and one side has a dog house looking space for the generator. The rest of that floor is the garage. I've painted the generator compartment and want moss to cover the concrete. I've never tried to grow it but was going to actually paint it when I had the time. Thanks
 Well, according to sciphii's instructable (www.instructables.com/id/River-in-a-Jar/), buttermilk and sugar will raise the acidity to the point that will make moss grow.

 Are you trying to camouflage your generator compartment. Hey cool! Home grown camouflage!!
 I just read Berkin's comment. Then, I said to myself, "So you can actually *grow* explosives in your lawn". Kinda' funny if you think about it.
Mamohau5 years ago
Moss painting & sculptures which should interest you!  do some searches on those key words...

animecello5 years ago
these are cool

uldron5 years ago
it would be neat to see the result
knex_mepalm6 years ago
i am not blowing on somehting thata has moss in it, you know that if moss gets into your lungs you can get an infection from them growing and have a 95% chance of dying
d2j56 years ago
thats cool, i know that milk will work as a fertilizer aswell, im not shure how good it might be getting tossed at stuff but the milk does work.
buttermilk is better
really? i never thought it would make a difference but i have used just normal milk and it works fine
Mark Drees d2j56 years ago
It's more acidic which helps the moss grow...
Vulcanator6 years ago
post pics of the moss after it has grown
red devil 27 years ago
it was fun making the moss bomb but you must use paint
You can make explosives out of dried moss powder called lycopodium or something of the sort.
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