Most Viewed Knex Instructables




Introduction: Most Viewed Knex Instructables

these are the most viewed knex instructables

#1 is KILLERK's my original K'nex gun
#2 is KILLERK's SRv1
#3 is (your name here)'s Knex semi-automatic
#4 is irwinner's semi-auto K'NEX gun
#5 is ipod killer's Knex Sniper Rifle

thanks for letting me use ur instructables



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    Looks at this and wonders why it was made

    no links? blurry pictures? derp 2/5~ at least you had names and corresponding numbers

    if one of you can spend sometime what i want is a link of how to make killerk's pistol besides i never seen it in my life as of the how to make a killerks's pistol please because i just discovered it today

    I think Killerk's pistol is most viewed because it is the oldest good gun, (no offense yournamehere, but the mini cannon was not a great gun.)

    i dont like killerks pistol. it is block trigger, no mag, ages to reload, ect. ect.

    Then make a better one, that is what Instructables is all about.

    (comment removed by author or a monkey request)