Most Viewed Knex Instructables




Introduction: Most Viewed Knex Instructables

these are the most viewed knex instructables

#1 is KILLERK's my original K'nex gun
#2 is KILLERK's SRv1
#3 is (your name here)'s Knex semi-automatic
#4 is irwinner's semi-auto K'NEX gun
#5 is ipod killer's Knex Sniper Rifle

thanks for letting me use ur instructables



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    Looks at this and wonders why it was made

    no links? blurry pictures? derp 2/5~ at least you had names and corresponding numbers

    if one of you can spend sometime what i want is a link of how to make killerk's pistol besides i never seen it in my life as of the how to make a killerks's pistol please because i just discovered it today

    I think Killerk's pistol is most viewed because it is the oldest good gun, (no offense yournamehere, but the mini cannon was not a great gun.)

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    i dont like killerks pistol. it is block trigger, no mag, ages to reload, ect. ect.

    Then make a better one, that is what Instructables is all about.

    (comment removed by author or a monkey request)

    The KillerK gun was made before block triggers and mags. It changed guns forever because it waas the only one that successfully "invented" the knex gun, because the others were not that great.
    A comment like that is like saying "I don't like the Wright Brothers' plane, it's slow, doesn't fly far, is ugly, no passenger seats, ect. ect."

    Mags and block triggers existed before Killerk posted his gun. Killerk's was the 12th posted. (Your name here) posted the first block trigger gun and the first mag gun.

    Still, they were pretty primitive and wouldn't really be considered equal to what we now think of when we think of "Mags" which is what Lazerbeam had in mind just can't produce a viable comeback.

    yes i can but i cant be bothered. so i said that i didnt under stand. by the way, what does that even mean?

    In other words, you can't produce one. That's a pretty common excuse for nto amking a comeback.

    Maybe I can't be bothered with excuses.

    i'm going to have to disagree... meh, I don't feel like having this discussion...

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    idk why this comment was posted twice actually, it was meant to be a reply to lazerbeam