That's interesting, why not just go with the traditional method of forming it since you went through the trouble of doing all of the creases? I made the one below using a snapple wrapper so it doesn't look incredibly great but you get the idea.
i'm not a beginner on origami but this rose is really....... <br>this origami is not hard for me
is that the same rose i made? my rose could be easily confused with the kawasaki rose but i made the kawasaki NEW rose since it wasn't on here yet, and i think its waaay easier once you get it
no video very hard to make this rose i was trying to make this since morning but i couldn't make this plz it is request from all of us to post the video so that it would be easy for us to make this origami flower
No Video... I am not a beginner at origami but the instructions are hard to follow. Please post a video!
try these instructions, see if it helps<br /> http://www.bloom4ever.com/kawasaki_rose_new.php<br /> i quite like this site, it has many roses that you can make, ranging from easy to advanced.<br /> all the roses that this site has are all here<br /> http://www.bloom4ever.com/HowToFold.php<br /> <br />
thank you for the link! I put it in step seven.<br />
I absolutely agree, I got lost at 4/5...
I don't think this is so easy, either... not as easy as some roses i've seen. :) sorry. (and i've done origami before as well)
dsasdfasdfaswhy would you take the picture form so far away&nbsp;
you call this easy? haha funny.
You lost me and I have done some origami before. need to do more pics or video.
I have folded a different version of the kawasaki rose, which i found somewhere on the internet. I think it would help a lot of you that are having trouble with this one, if you tried to fold the other one first. It is basicly the same thing, but not at an angle. I hope this helps.
what??? how did you get that grid cannot follow properly maybe a vid would help
i do not under stand #3 and then 5-11
..lOST! i can't follow
please post a video of this !!!
your instructions are very cloudy- maybe you could post a video? I cant follow your steps if I cant see what you're doing with the paper.
I cant follow your instruction not easy...
easy to folow love it my gf did to :)
It would be cute, but your instructions are quite difficult to follow. You should specify a little bit more. Neat idea, though.
This is a better way to make the kawasaki rose than those diagrams on origami resource center or any other website for that mater. This makes it so easy to make it now.(I'm new to this instructables chatting thing)
This isn't really easy, until you get it. Why don't you make a non-sped-up video, with an unfolded piece of paper? Just a suggestion.
....when i have time i will do that.... i only have a few problems. 1. school.... FRKING busy 2. my internet uploads soooo slow and a video non sped up would be about 30 mins :/
Not that easy. My grid turned out as diamonds and so I couldn't continue. I proceeded to crumpling up my paper and start cursing loudly.
then you didn't fold it quite right... you have to be quite clean when folding. Just try again :-)
it would almost be better just putting a picture for every step and just following the pictures. it is very hard to describe what to do with words, i know
it may be a easy to make but the instructons are hard to fllow
That is good, but not the best I've seen.<br/><br/>Unrelated cool video below!<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXDLS1ZPVw4">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXDLS1ZPVw4</a><br/>
Can i have a printable version so i can fold and thats it?
it might be the "most wonderful easy origami rose you will ever see on instructables", but it is really hard to follow.
I agree with everyone else. it is really hard to follow. otherwise, awesome
omg!!! that is so confusing i really want to try but i dont get it but ill keep trying til i get it
really hard to understand. i really want to make one but don't get it. :(
Nice Instructable, but I think that you should break it up into more steps. It's really hard to understand the way you have it. Are you starting with a preliminary (square)or triangle base? I couldn't tell. And you might be able to make it with a few less folds. I've never made that type of rose (or for that matter anything else that looks that complicated) but I think that you did a really nice job! +1
And it IS a beautiful rose!
holy crap that is a lot of creases.
Too many for me! hehe, but still cool, though I will stick with duct tape roses myself.
thats probably the best, i love this origami rose but i kind of fold alot its the most buetiful rose i know though and i always enjoy folding this one

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