this instructable will show you how to make your mother feel really special on mother's day!
we have two sections to this instructable, one from the "out-of-the-house child" and one from the "in-the-house child"

Step 1: The Card (in-home or Out-of-home Children)

we will start off by making an inexpensive but meaningful gift.

everyone gets cards for special occasions, but how many of those cards are hand-made?
moms love to get gifts and relaxation but it will melt their heart when you take the time to make a card for them yourself instead of just going and buying one.

okay I'm going to resolve this right now, i went to google to get pictures for this instructable, i used my grandmother's recipe BUT my grandma (for all i know) could have gotten this recipe from that cook. i will acknowledge that cook but I was under the impression that this recipe was my grandmother's
this looks legit to me, I'm studying to be a lawyer.
hey these are some pretty good ideas. but what would you suggest for a gift?
I don't think that should be up to me. after all she is YOUR mom and you know what she likes. :)

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