Picture of mothers day
this instructable will show you how to make your mother feel really special on mother's day!
we have two sections to this instructable, one from the "out-of-the-house child" and one from the "in-the-house child"

Step 1: The card (in-home or out-of-home children)

we will start off by making an inexpensive but meaningful gift.

everyone gets cards for special occasions, but how many of those cards are hand-made?
moms love to get gifts and relaxation but it will melt their heart when you take the time to make a card for them yourself instead of just going and buying one.

shiboohi (author) 6 years ago
okay I'm going to resolve this right now, i went to google to get pictures for this instructable, i used my grandmother's recipe BUT my grandma (for all i know) could have gotten this recipe from that cook. i will acknowledge that cook but I was under the impression that this recipe was my grandmother's
hondabot316 years ago
this looks legit to me, I'm studying to be a lawyer.
hondabot316 years ago
hey these are some pretty good ideas. but what would you suggest for a gift?
shiboohi (author)  hondabot316 years ago
I don't think that should be up to me. after all she is YOUR mom and you know what she likes. :)