a bike that i put a motor onto! and geos super fast
<p>I have an 80cc 2 stoke motor on a mountain bike, its great just going to relocate the gas tank as while peddling to get the motor going led to my inner knee to get bruised from hitting the gas tank, but definitely fun. thinking about adding another tire at the back for more traction </p>
<p>If anybody wants to learn how to make these things check out this how to guide I made</p><p><a href="http://www.thebrocave.com/2015/11/20/how-to-make-your-own-motorized-bicycle-for-anyone/" rel="nofollow">http://www.thebrocave.com/2015/11/20/how-to-make-y...</a></p>
Can you help me build a motor bike
<p>Two cycle engines are PIGS! They pollute in one hour what a full sized car does in one *year*. There are lots of hustlers on craigslist who take an old bike, throw this cheap cina-made 90 dollar 2 stroke engine on and try to re-sell for 500. bucks to some moron. If you want to power a zero-polluting bike, at least use a battery driven motor. This is their heyday - tons of choices - and no jerky oil-gas to mix.</p>
<p>sadly, battery technology doesn't provide the longevity of the internal combustion engine, but has much higher torque, with weight being the downside. Why not use a 4-stroke engine?</p>
can someone chat with me:<br>Skype: cvhasandarwish
Where are the steps of the project ?<br>
It's a kit you buy online. Thats why theres no instructions. I got mine from a friend. Click on my profile and there will hopefully be an ible by about January 2014. If your lucky end of dec.
Where are the instructions
I have the same motor, I just need the bike. Where'd u get yours?
So, there are no instructions? <br>We need instructions to do this. <br>It looks great, though.
If no large motor is nearby and you are not handy with tools a model aircraft engine of 1.5cc preferably greater cc. coupled with a fixed skate board wheel bearing directly down on the back tire will move you along at a surprising pace.
i'm going to put a chainsaw engine on my bike, i have a back rack thatt is perfecr, and the biggest issue is getting the engine working and controlling the throttle.
you can use a brake cable and lever on the handle bar on the back side for your thum to push cut it down to make it shorter if you want you dont need the leverage .
ya i have head of many people doing that (chainsaw) using a friction drive or a belt drive, a chain drive would probably work also, but you would want to make sure the gearing is just right because chain saws have high rpm's. you might want to check out some cable throttles that have a twist grip, if you look on motorized bike websites, you can buy just the throttle assembly which with a little modifying could work pretty well.
you need 20 to 28 to 1 I built one with chain's and friction on also 32cc homelite.<br>it will pull me from a dead stop with no peddaling on 26in bike and i waigh 230 lb's ! it will make 25 mph if you want to go that fast ?
i did that friction drive earlier. now i have a 80 cc kit like this on a mountain biike much better

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