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The body of car was printed by 3D printer.(makerbot mini 5th)

And brain is designed with simple arduino sketch...

First , my 3D printer(mini) platform size is so small (about10x10).

So, I redesigned car body with rhino 3D as suitable platform size(attached STL model files)

Using ultrasonic sensor and motor driver(L293D) on Arduino uno.

I made small codes with educational purpose for beginners...(alse attached ino source code)

Hope it helpful for beginners at 3D printing & Arduino

Within three days, most students complete the mission(?)...

You also can make. Very easy and fun!!!

Next, I'll test and upgrade using another sensor(line tracking..) and communication(blutooth) ...

See you soon...

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markA334 (author)2017-10-30

Any chance you could show the wiring?

amberrayh (author)2015-05-15

Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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