motorcycle trailer
<p>Looks like a good idea, How did is work out? how does it handle? not sports handling issues, but lazy cruising handling? </p>
I'd sure like to read about an update on this
I'm a bit confused about this one.<br>Is it a trailer for a motorcycle (I hope not!!!) or is it a trailer made using some parts from a motorcycle?<br>As l8nite said this needs a lot more info &amp; idealy bigger pictures.
it's a trailer to be pulled by a motorcycle... you see a lot of people with them when the go camping/touring on their bikes
I know about motorcycle trailers I've seen dozens hauled a few &amp; owned two myself :-)<br> What worries me about this one is that a single wheeld trailer requires a two section towing joint one that only moves in the horizontal &amp; another that moves only in the vertical, if you put a universal or cup &amp; ball joint on it it would end up on its side.<br> The semi rigid joint isn't a problem on a trailer like the <a href="http://www.motorcycletrailer.com/unigo/" rel="nofollow">UniTrack</a> or the <a href="http://n-line.com/" rel="nofollow">N-Line</a> as all weight is low down directly behind the rear wheel, hence the twisting forces on the bike are negligible.<br> On this trailer the frame &amp; cargo box sit above the wheel the weight is high up at more or less the same height as the rider, even unloaded this could cause a few problems but fully laden I can imagine it being a real issue unless the towing hitch is built in such a way as to transfer the weight &amp; twisting forces low down on the bike such as with the <a href="http://www.mono-trail.co.uk/" rel="nofollow">mono-trail</a>.<br> Of course I may be mistaken but looking at the pictures available it appears that the hitch will be set high on the bike.
BIGGER pictures and more info please

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