Anyone who has spent any time on a motorcycle has probably experienced some close calls with unobservant drivers. Motorcycles and cyclists are powerless most times to do anything in these situations, other than shake a fist and yell in hopes the offending driver hears your colourful language over their caramel macchiato sips.

Time to fight back! Give 'em a taste of the whack-bonk!

Using a foam pool noodle and a wooden dowel it's time to give a little comeuppance to bad drivers. Add insult to injury by inscribing  messages on the noddle, then giving the offending vehicle acouppla whacks to let them know they did you wrong.

Enough talk, let's whack-bonk!

*this Instructable is for novelty purposes only.
*not responsible for any injuries suffered from use of this Instructable.
*be safe, and always obey the road rules

Step 1: tools + materials

  • hot glue
  • permanent markers
  • hobby knife
  • wooden dowel (squeegee handle)
  • pool noodle
  • empty plastic container
  • 2 x cable-ties

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