step by step instructions on how to motorize a regular old bike into a great awesome motorbike the bike gets 150+ miles to the gallon

Step 1: Get you hands on a bike and motor

Things you need
-zip ties 2
-66 cc motor from Grubee Inc.
-warm place to work
-gas (1 to 20) parts oil
-gas tank
-kill switch
-318 chain
-chain breaker
-fuel line
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Hey, I'm about to build it and was just wondering, about how fast does it go?
I have the same motor and just need the bike. Where'd u get yours?
mohnish6 years ago
im surely gonna motorize my bike,its cheaper than buying a motor cycle
Electric is cleaner, but costs more than a motorcycle on craigslist for a good setup. Im going with an 80cc gas for my bike.
The problem is electric is slower.
Electric isn't slower. That is only if you compare a 300 watt motor to a 1+ kw gas motor. For the same power motors though, electric will be smaller, more efficient, and will produce far higher torque and torque from a standstill. With gearing electric can be much faster and stronger.
Power to weight, gas is faster hands down. And with the mileage you get, its gonna cost about the same in electricity.
Wrong! Where do you get that? Even if you use a 1KW motor, which goes 55km/hr, you still use only 8c/km or R1,60 per 100 km. Compared to even 1 litre per 100 or R13/100. It is at least 6 times cheaper. Get your facts straight.
Its still going to be cheaper per mile to use electric. gas has 36.6kwh per gallon of energy, but ice engines are very inefficient. Assuming a price of 0.12 cents US per kwh, that equals 4.3 dollars for an equvalent amount of energy as is in a gallon of gas. While a bit more pricey than gas, electric is over 4 times as efficient as the most efficient gasoline engines. Which these chinagirls are not. Therefore making electric cheaper to operate. And with electric, using lithium batteries can get you a very similar range figure, for roughly the same weight.
but you have to buy all the batteries andcharge it when you run out with gas you can fill it back up and get on your way. also if you had all the batteries to keep up with a gas engine on a bike say a commom 5hp briggs and straton you would need a very large motor and some really high grade batteries that would most likley need to be lithium or li-po which are dangerous
"A common 5hp briggs and straton" would tear apart a bicycle frame. Doesn't really apply here.
It would not tear it apart mine is 6.5 hp. I never have to recharge it, and the energy that it would take to make the lithium batteries would be worse thangasoline, esp. With 150 mpg fuel efficiency that I get on mine because its so light. Electric motors are expensive, fragile, not waterproof, and in this day and age just not as powerful as gasoline for the weight. I can put my engine through quite alot and I do. Believe me if I sprayed down an electric bike with a hose after a mountain ride it would not run again. It is also considerably safer because I can be heard.
Yes, it would. Using standard bicycle parts with a 6.5 hp engine is just a recipe for disaster. Even if it doesn't fail immediately, it will soon. And electric motors are very durable indeed. Many are waterproof. To waterproof the bike would be easy, just shrinkwrap all of the connections. Also, electric motors don't really increase in size or weight that much as you increase the power. A 7kw motor (9.3 HP), would easily fit inside of a bike without trouble, you could actually miunt it as a hub motor. They have a MUCH higher power to weight than gasoline engines. Do some research.
afbrass2 years ago
Electric is much easier and cheaper to use. Call me at 0836522369 for a discussion.
HammE2 years ago
Just a word of advice, you should never mix gasoline and teflon tape! It turns the tape into goopy stuff!
ichael a (author) 2 years ago
Shout out to Tori Adachi for all the help on the pictures
Spud186 years ago
Also, forgot to mention, you can find these kits at http://www.zoombicycles.com/ and my neighbor has this on an old norco bicycle. he has the 80cc kit and it goes about 50km/hr. These kits ship to Canada, but unsure about U.S.
They don't ship to the U.S.
TSC Spud184 years ago
I know they ship kits like this to us!
but they're illegal in california
Not anymore If you disagree (most likely) then where is your evidence?
on ebay, if you look up a kit to motorize a bike, and you read through it (go ahead, look it up, and read through all of it) it says that the seller will not ship to California, because of some EPA clean are act
okay, but you still have to obtain motor
Not all motor kits are legal in Cal, but there are several sellers selling CARB (Cal Air Resources Board) Compliant motor kits legal in CA.  They meet emissions standards, but there are several local legal codes regarding motorized bikes (limits on displacement and/or top speed)
Illegal in Victoria, Australia too. Currently you are allowed only 200W motor on a power-assisted bicycle. Bicycle Victoria aims to increase that to 300W though. Still, this would be a lot more than 300W. Electric motors on eBay range up to 1000W for power-assisted bikes.
200w is like 1/4 of a horse power
how much does this cost?
lemonie6 years ago
Can you show a picture with driving chain in place? (2-stroke mix is 20 gas to 1 oil) L
shveet lemonie5 years ago
last i check it was 50ml oil to 1L gas.
50 ml oil + 1 L gas =20 parts gas + 1 part oil (20:1 ratio)
pyrotech255 years ago
why dont you use a weed wacker engine?

they have throtel and kill switch all ready.
Thats only like 22cc.
I've seen 48cc weed whackers. And pyro, how are you going to use said throttle on a bike?
Because you can have a 66cc engine and go about 40Mph
30mph with the stock sprocket. 40mph with an aftermarket 36t.
goud5533 years ago
I have just built mine not even started yet and I can't ride it as a regular bike it's really stiff and hard to move and the chain has slack please help
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