this is another one of my motorized knex vehicles. this one is missing a motor but it is the same motor as the other one.this one is set for top speed. this one is only gear driven i did not have the parts to add the chain driven parts. i will not be posting instruction any time soon unless someone want me to.
<p>Cool car.</p>
You really do make stuff fast, like you are still a noob but you have 7 DECENT instructables.
thanks i hope to keep them coming for everybody.
No problem... just wondering what is the most powerful knex motor? Could you provide a link?
i can't leave a link but the green motor is for top speed and a black motor is for tourge.
Oh I just saw Anres13 new fully auto, have you seen the motor on that?
who is that could you leave me a link of it.
Sure: https://www.instructables.com/id/Fully-Automatic-knex-Gun-it-really-works-/ there you go.
What is tourge???????????
it is how hard it pulls
O thanks!!
actually its &quot;torque&quot;
O! did you see my power car I'm working on the up date for it!!!
I'm omost down with the up date!!!!
Be the first to commet on it !!!!
no problem.
dude... not torge. it's &quot;torque&quot;
Yep! =D
not to be rude but it is 9 DDECENT instructables. now
Point taken.
this is neat 5*
thanks did you rate.
what did you rate.
How fast does it go????!!!!!!!
What's that mean???
i don't know.
O lol!
just asking do you know text talk.
No I don not what is it??????
it is like abereveations like idk = i don't know.
i wish that there where more people where i live so i could race against them.
looks epic!
i know i worked very hard on it and then i got it on instructables.
Really? You got it on instructables? LOL 'I didn't notice'! :P
thanks did you rate.
thanks did you rate.

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