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Introduction: Motorized Knex Truck

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this is my k'nex truck that is geared for top speed. it also can be geared for torque. this is a custom design that i made the body is my design. sorry but i will not be posting instructions any time soon unless someone wants instructions for it.



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    iwant instructions for a knex camaro with motor

    i will post a video some tme around june i am busy with computers

    2 years later.... lol ;)

    by the way you geared it the truck must go crazy fast

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    not realy i wish i could go faster but if i do i would have to push it off the start and i don't want to.

    i have a car like that and it use a green motor but i only geared it once but i made it all wheel drive so it can go over more surfaces ill send you a pic of how easy it was

    thanks i will try to post the truck today.

    what did you rate it.

    i think i will double rate it just to check.

    finally got the instructions.

    that may not be that way i would put it but ok.

    do you have one of thouse old motors.

    yes i do, i put a stiffer spring around the clutch. it does stop randomly tho, mabyu a short in it.

    can you buy one off thouse motors off or could you get me one.