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1.Remove tabs from all 7 cans.
2.Cut top and bottom from 6 cans. Allow so they can interlock.
3.Cut top of can as close to rim as possible.
4.Cut bottom so it has large opening.
5.Drill �urn can so tab hole is facing up and scratch a V in rear so u can tell when hole is up.
7.Tape all cans together leaving whole can on bottom. Use electrical tape.
8.Wrap at least 2 times with electrical tape.
9.Turn so V at bottom is up and put 1 squirt of lighter fluid in it. (only cigarette lighter fluid)
10.shake 50 times.
11.hold away from everything.
12.light with extended lighter.

Step 1: Cut Cans

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Step 2: Hole Bottom

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Step 3: V in Bottom

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Step 4: Holes Top

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Step 5: Assembled

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Step 6: V in Bottom

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ilpug (author)2011-03-19

this is basically a metal tube in which a flammable gas is detonated to make a satisfying BOOM. i have made these before, although not on such a large scale.

nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-02-05

 maybe a materials list would help us out here and further detail please.

hrymil (author)nutsandbolts_642010-02-06

7 cans, electric tape

nutsandbolts_64 (author)hrymil2010-02-06

 i know that, it's just that if not most, some of us are used to seeing a materials list somewhere around the instructable. Just suggesting you put one up.

 oh, and is something wrong with my comp or is it really there? There's this weird square after the "drill" in no. 5. It says, "5. Drill (square)urn", I'm just wondering what was supposed to be on that square. 

hrymil (author)nutsandbolts_642010-02-06

you obviously didnt look at it. 7(seven) thats 7 cans and ele tape

RocketPenguin (author)2010-01-08

ah instructions are at the top

woody558 (author)2009-10-30
I don't get this.

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