Mousetrap Car


Introduction: Mousetrap Car

step by step on how Calvin and I made this cool mouse trap!!

Step 1: First Step:making Frame

Calvin and I super glued two thermometer clams together end by end

Step 2: Step Two: Put Wheels On

calvin and i super glued four CDs together on each side then we put the axle through the hole super glued the CDs to the axle put rubber bands around it to where the Cds where not mobile but the axle was.

Step 3: Step 3: Front Wheels

Calvin and I super glue the axle to the front did not go to the wheels so the wheels were mobile attached to c clothes Pines

Step 4: Step 4: String

we super glued string to the front axle which is the one that rotates tight a rubber band to the end of the string attach the string to the stationary axle did it to both sides of the muse trap car

Step 5: Step5: Final Step

we super glued the mouse trap onn to of the metal thermometer attached an arm tide string on top of it and attach it to the Mobile axle



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    COOL!! but wheres the mousetrap lol

    COOL!! but wheres the mousetrap lol