Moving Box Rack





Introduction: Moving Box Rack

moving box rack

Always on the run? No money and time for furniture? No need for furniture?
Or you want to upcyle your old moving boxes?

I knew that I had to move out in some months and I did not want to buy a reck to have more stuff to cary with me. And I had also no place to put the moving box...
This is not a real instructable, just sharing a pracical idea for runaways and other nomads.

upcycle: You can use that also as an easy upcycle project if you glue the stability-cartons, maybe put some more, tape it on the critical points and color the whole rack. It would be nicelooking than, cheap and useful. But I need them for moving out, so I could not destroy the carton by gluing it. Maybe I will make it one day and than I can load it up. :) Or you load it up here :)



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Wow, I'm not going to say much about this - it's an interesting idea nad definitelyconvenient if you're expecting moving and removals guys to come in soon, but it really looks like it’s going to collapse on itself!

You are right. It is not a solution forever.
This rack had to work for one or two months. Than I needed the moving box function back.
But the strength of paper ist totaly underestimated!
Things made out of paper are more robust than most people think, especially when you are able to use some glue.The papersofa is a famous example.