Moving/walking Coffee Cup





Introduction: Moving/walking Coffee Cup

Hello this is my second Instructable that i have made i hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials

-tape (any kind)
-coffee cup
-light (optional)
-paper clips

Step 2: Step 2

connect the wires to the motor like shown

Step 3: Step 3

wrap tape around the motor like shown

Step 4: Step 4

connect one of the wires to the battery like shown

Step 5: Step 5

now take a screw and tape it onto the motor like shown in the pictures

Step 6: Step 6

now the light is optional but i like it going to show you

Step 7: Step 7

take the wire you connected to the battery and wrap around the corresponding wire of the light do the same with the other wire like in the picture

Step 8: Step 8

take the wire previosley taped to the battery and re-tape it like in the picture

Step 9: Step 9

now cut a hole about the size of your light and then stick the light in the hole

Step 10: Step 10

now do the same thing you did with the light and do it with the motor but it must be closer to the bottom

Step 11: Step12

now put some paper clips on the bottem like in the pictures.

Step 12: Step 13

then tape the light and motor in there places then shove the rest of the assembly into the cup and connect the last loose wire to the battery and put on the lid then watch it go.

Step 13: Have Fun

I hope you had fun building the robot-cup as well with watching it scuttle along please leave comments.



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    Any video?


    For a comp' entry that'd be a great addition.


    Yay, Tim Hortons!  I haven't had their coffee in more than ten years (waahhh), since leaving Vancouver.

    wow that sucks im addicted to them lol :)