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Introduction: Moxx's Combat Knife

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this is my awesome looking knife. the handle is comfortable and looks nice, the blade has an awesome kind of serrated edge that i invented myself, and the tip hasa nice curve to it while still being supported in three places.  the knife as a whole has a nice look to it and is very sturdy.  pleaseRATE AND SUBSCRIBE. 

Step 1: Pieces

1) layers 1 and 3
2) layer 2
3-4) close ups on layer 2

Step 2: Connecting

1) layer 1 and layer 2 connected
2-3) close ups on layers 1 and 2 connected
4) layer 3 added



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    also gonna be giving you the credits when i complete my enhanced 2 sided sword version of my combat knife

    would like to tell you that i used your design and give you credit. and if you want proof of my having given proof its in my description;




    no, i made it and i decided its just a large knife for hacking and stuff.

    its a cool knife

    I really like this but I have one question, why does the back of the handle have a thing sticking up, its usually down.

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    i dont really know what you mean. do you mean the thing at the very bottom?

    First image, very bottom of the handle. those things usually go the way the blade goes, here's a picture of what I mean:


    i see what you mean now, but i just like it better when it goes back.

    BTW subbed, keep these awesome things up bro


    thanks, i'm not going to stop soon.

    Ah ok, it does look pretty sweet like that.


    i guess, but it isnt curved and has a serrated edge

    i thought your dwarven knife had a serrated edge, i guess not looking at it again


    its kind of spiky in the front but not serrated

    yeah like i noticed that after looking at it again, i could have been thinking of your sword, but that is much different than your knife other than the serrated edge