This is an extremely sturdy and really cool looking dwarven knife.  seriously, you can smack this thing against a wall and it wont break.  the 1st and 3rd layer are the same so it shouldnt be that hard to make.  Thanks to warsoldier94 for the basic shape.  please SUBSCRIBE. 
<p>I come back on after YEARS of being gone, and this is the first thing I find :'D</p>
do u play Oblivion
whats oblivion?
nevermind its a game on xbox 360 or ps3
looks great and accurate to the picture. are you going to post an instructable, i will build if you do.
i may. can you build it from the pics i gave? if not ill make an instructables.
if it is not too much of a bother, could you make one or add a few more detailed pics?
honestly ill be done in about 15 minutes. its no problem, really. :-)
cool! ill check it out
cool, looks good

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