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i love this gun.  its a handheld grenade launcher, and its smaller than most pistols.  it fires a big grenade, basically just two connected blue connectors, but obviously doesnt fire as far as the best pistols.  when you fire it the grenade will sometimes split in half so its even cooler.  please SUBSCRIBE AND RATE.

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces

1) make two
2) build

Step 2: Building It

Picture of Building It

1) connect
2) connect
3) add outside layers
4) with bands and ammo, unloaded
on pic 4, dont leave out the rods on and near the ramrod and the one on the trigger that i forgot on the last few pics, and replace the white one over the outside yellow piece with a blue. 


knexbug (author)2013-09-17

i have got to make this gun soon

CODKING (author)2011-09-24

your guns r awsome but the definantly need better triggers

moxx (author)CODKING2011-10-19

eh i guess. personally, this is my favorite trigger ive even used. its small, reliable (if cut smoothly), and it puts the trigger ahead of where the ramrod is blocked, making it powerful and easy to build a small gun around.

instruct39 (author)2011-04-11

cool, maybe this could be used on the bottom of a rifle or shotgun, or just as it is of course

tubanator-2.0 (author)instruct392011-04-12

Ehh it could but it has a ram so it would interfere with the gun its self...but his other grenade launchers work well i used one on my m16 and it worked really well.

instruct39 (author)tubanator-2.02011-04-13

oh, okay thanks for informing me, i just thought it would be good to use as a grenade launcher cause of the ammo and compactness

tubanator-2.0 (author)instruct392011-04-13

Hmmm it would be for sure but not on a gun with a normal magazine placement..maybe a bull pup style gun?hmmm that gives me an idea to work on..

instruct39 (author)tubanator-2.02011-04-24

i just a photo instructable of it on the gun i put it on, check it out!
its the m4 sopmod

instruct39 (author)instruct392011-04-24

whoops, i forgot the word posted after just :P

instruct39 (author)tubanator-2.02011-04-14

i found a nice break action shotgun that i think it would go perfectly on. it is by owenmon, allyou have to do is put the grenade launcher on blue rods instead of white, and copy the last layer

instruct39 (author)instruct392011-04-14

wait, nevermind it is already on blue rods.

moxx (author)instruct392011-04-11

its really just one of those guns that you feel satisfied when you have, at least for me.

instruct39 (author)moxx2011-04-12

yeah thats good too

DJ Radio (author)2011-04-12

This isn't an actual grenade, it just fires large caliber ammo.

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-13

wow what a surprise, a negative comment. from this point on its really not worth talking to you or even reading your comments as you clearly have nothing constructive or positive to say.

DJ Radio (author)moxx2011-04-13

It's not negative, it's just a correction. I think the idea used here is great, but I'm just saying it's not a grenade.

Vynash (author)DJ Radio2011-04-18

I agree with you.

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-13

ok, im sorry i overreacted, but your comments tend to be negative and a little annoying.

DJ Radio (author)moxx2011-04-13

My comments are in proportion to the quality of the knex projects being made at the time. Just keep that in mind. I respect the people who took up my torch (RMconstruction, knexfoof, etc). People like them used to be like your first comment above, but they learned. Same for me when I was a newbie almost 3 years ago. I received the same comments on my projects when I was new, from knexers who have been here far longer than I have. The reason I post negative comments is so knexers learn from criticism.

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-14

so you're trying to say that pointing out that it isnt not technically a grenade even though a knex launcher that fires a large projectile is generally called a grenade launcher despite the fact that it doesn't explode is going to help me become a better k'nex designer? i respectfully disagree. you have the right to say whatever negetive comment you want to anyone or the site, but i would prefer that you leave me out of it unless its a simple tip or idea.

DJ Radio (author)moxx2011-04-14

I thought you were talking about comments on other projects at this point. By "your comments" I thought you meant on other projects.

And it's a misleading name, calling it a Grenade launcher when it doesn't fire grenades at all. Go look at the Storm 223, that gun has a real knex grenade launcher that shatters on impact.

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-15

as i previously stated, this is not the first gun to call a large projectile firer a grenade launcher and nobody complains.

DJ Radio (author)moxx2011-04-15

But it's a misleading name.

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-15

i really dont think you understand what i'm saying. NOT ALL GRENADES LAUNCHERS FIRE EXPLODING AMMO. also it shouldn't be misleading if there is a picture of it that you can see before you click on it.

DJ Radio (author)moxx2011-04-15

Show me a real life example of a grenade launcher that doesn't fire grenades please. If you're talking about knex grenade launchers, just because other people misname their creations, doesn't mean you should do the same. Sure you can see it from the picture, but most people won't realize that it doesn't actually fire grenades until they build it and shoot it.

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-15
and "i am canadian"s others as well as my other ones which you didnt comment on. also it's so small that it clearly doesn't fire grenades AND the front picture SHOWS THE BULLET. there is absolutely nothing you can say to counter that as it as clear as it can posssibly be. i consider this conversation over.

DJ Radio (author)moxx2011-04-16

That first link is to a gun that actually fires GRENADES. The link to IAC's gun was irrelevant, as IAC called it a "Cannon", which is exactly what it is. He did not call it a "Grenade launcher".

moxx (author)DJ Radio2011-04-16

youre right about i am canadian's stuff but the handheld does not fire grenades, unless you count things that just break apart on impact which mine does. even if it is considered a grenade and mine isn't your original point was that it was misleading but the picture on the front clearly shows the bullet so there should be no confusion.

TheFoofinator (author)moxx2011-04-14

It's criticism. You haven't seen the old DJ....

DJ Radio (author)TheFoofinator2011-04-14

Old DJ was a noob and only average at knex. That was almost 3 years ago.

TheFoofinator (author)DJ Radio2011-04-15

I'm on about when you used to be nasty to everyone, and you got banned for that picture...

DJ Radio (author)TheFoofinator2011-04-15

That was totally unrelated to knex. I basically pulled a practical joke on KF and he got mad and then I got mad back and stuff exploded from there.

~KGB~ (author)2011-04-12

its ok

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