Moxx's Handheld Grenade Launcher

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Introduction: Moxx's Handheld Grenade Launcher

i love this gun.  its a handheld grenade launcher, and its smaller than most pistols.  it fires a big grenade, basically just two connected blue connectors, but obviously doesnt fire as far as the best pistols.  when you fire it the grenade will sometimes split in half so its even cooler.  please SUBSCRIBE AND RATE.

Step 1: Pieces

1) make two
2) build

Step 2: Building It

1) connect
2) connect
3) add outside layers
4) with bands and ammo, unloaded
on pic 4, dont leave out the rods on and near the ramrod and the one on the trigger that i forgot on the last few pics, and replace the white one over the outside yellow piece with a blue. 



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    i have got to make this gun soon

    your guns r awsome but the definantly need better triggers


    eh i guess. personally, this is my favorite trigger ive even used. its small, reliable (if cut smoothly), and it puts the trigger ahead of where the ramrod is blocked, making it powerful and easy to build a small gun around.

    cool, maybe this could be used on the bottom of a rifle or shotgun, or just as it is of course

    Ehh it could but it has a ram so it would interfere with the gun its self...but his other grenade launchers work well i used one on my m16 and it worked really well.

    oh, okay thanks for informing me, i just thought it would be good to use as a grenade launcher cause of the ammo and compactness

    Hmmm it would be for sure but not on a gun with a normal magazine placement..maybe a bull pup style gun?hmmm that gives me an idea to work on..

    i just a photo instructable of it on the gun i put it on, check it out!
    its the m4 sopmod

    whoops, i forgot the word posted after just :P

    i found a nice break action shotgun that i think it would go perfectly on. it is by owenmon, allyou have to do is put the grenade launcher on blue rods instead of white, and copy the last layer