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This is my AWESOME sword that may be the best knex sword on the site.  I wish i could take a picture that would do this sword justice but its too long for my camera to take a clear pic.  Its really sturdy even though ih bends slightly.  it can also be converted into a knife if you take out the middle section and alter the handle a little.  Please SUBSCRIBE and rate. 

Step 1: Tip

Picture of tip
knex sword 009.JPG
knex sword 010.JPG
1) pieces
2) put together
3) close up on grey rod connection

if you are low on pieces you can just take this tip, add a handle, and end up with a really nice knife
this sword is AWESOME
this is the only thing (from Moxx) that i've made
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moxx (author)  killersir7514 years ago
thank you! i knew it was the best sword on this site.
it's freaking awesome, you are by far the best knex weapon creater on this site
and your knife, is it from the Chronicles of Riddick
it's in the related thingy bar on the side, i can see it now, it looks pretty cool

Well hes the best melee weapons expert i have seen so far. I have seen some better guns though.

moxx (author)  killersir7514 years ago
yea it is. i cant believe you could tell that just by the pic.
moxx (author)  moxx4 years ago
i accually just made a knife that looks even more like the riddick knike, and i could send you a few pictures if you want.
i used to be a big fan of the Chronicles of Riddick and it's (the one i've seen) a really good movie.
yh if you could send me some pics i might be able to post (with your permission) and give all credit to you
moxx (author)  killersir7514 years ago
sure, but my camera battery is swrewed up so it might be a few days.
yh sure, i don't mind
metalsonic3 years ago
cool sword
deadaccount3 years ago
Parts list: (May have missed some.)


72 Yellow
23 White
9 Green
3 Blue
27 Dark Gray
14 Light Gray
1 Y-connector (first pic, middle piece, is that a y-connector or a black "Green Rod"?)
1 Orange
10 Red
2 Tan (Small 1-port connectors)


108 White
129 Green
4 Long Bendy
1 Gray


11 Gray
1 Blue
moxx (author)  deadaccount3 years ago
im sure this will be helpful to people, thanks
Your welcome.
deadaccount3 years ago
I'm going to go through this and make a parts list for everyone out there that want's to make this.
james44 years ago
this looks like a cutlass
moxx (author)  james44 years ago
um all right. i dont really see it, its not curved enough.
james4 moxx4 years ago
Something reminds me of a COD 'Bowie Knife'! 0_0
~KGB~4 years ago
moxx (author)  altair ibn la ahad4 years ago
webby4274 years ago
Nice 4*.
instruct394 years ago
good instructions!