This is my AWESOME sword that may be the best knex sword on the site.  I wish i could take a picture that would do this sword justice but its too long for my camera to take a clear pic.  Its really sturdy even though ih bends slightly.  it can also be converted into a knife if you take out the middle section and alter the handle a little.  Please SUBSCRIBE and rate. 

Step 1: Tip

1) pieces
2) put together
3) close up on grey rod connection

if you are low on pieces you can just take this tip, add a handle, and end up with a really nice knife

Step 2: Middle

Step 3: Handle

1) pieces
2) connected

Step 4: Connecting

1-2) handle connection
3-4) mid-blade connection
5) done! Bask in its awesomeness!
this sword is AWESOME <br>IT'S FREAKIN' MASSIVE <br>I'M 12 AND IT'S LONGER THAN MY ARM! <br>this is the only thing (from Moxx) that i've made <br>3 words: <br>BEST SWORD EVER
thank you! i knew it was the best sword on this site.
it's freaking awesome, you are by far the best knex weapon creater on this site <br>and your knife, is it from the Chronicles of Riddick <br>it's in the related thingy bar on the side, i can see it now, it looks pretty cool
<p>Well hes the best melee weapons expert i have seen so far. I have seen some better guns though.</p>
yea it is. i cant believe you could tell that just by the pic.
i accually just made a knife that looks even more like the riddick knike, and i could send you a few pictures if you want.
i used to be a big fan of the Chronicles of Riddick and it's (the one i've seen) a really good movie. <br>yh if you could send me some pics i might be able to post (with your permission) and give all credit to you
sure, but my camera battery is swrewed up so it might be a few days.
yh sure, i don't mind
cool sword
Parts list: (May have missed some.)<br><br>Connectors:<br><br>72 Yellow<br>23 White<br>9 Green<br>3 Blue<br>27 Dark Gray<br>14 Light Gray<br>1 Y-connector (first pic, middle piece, is that a y-connector or a black &quot;Green Rod&quot;?)<br>1 Orange<br>10 Red<br>2 Tan (Small 1-port connectors)<br><br>Rods:<br><br>108 White<br>129 Green<br>4 Long Bendy<br>1 Gray<br><br>Spacers:<br><br>11 Gray<br>1 Blue
im sure this will be helpful to people, thanks
Your welcome.
I'm going to go through this and make a parts list for everyone out there that want's to make this.
this looks like a cutlass
um all right. i dont really see it, its not curved enough.
Something reminds me of a COD 'Bowie Knife'! 0_0
awesome <br>
Nice 4*.
good instructions!

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