this is my first instructable so sry if you dont get it.
1.mp3 case(the case that you get when you buy the mp3
if you dont know what I mean see picture 2)
2.exacto knife
3.speaker already made with audio jack see step
thats all you need.

Step 1: Cut Out the Hole

take out the thing that holds your mp3 and cut out a hole where the headphone jack output is.(picture 2)
i got it at best buy boxing day $79
u twisted the 2 grounds together and the 2 signal lines together, sorry to say man, u either risk your very nice mp3 player (casue short circuiting the two outputs can break it), or you put a second speaker and put one signal line on each. the second choice is better than the first one (if you like that mp3 player). nice idea and very nice instructable, though, i would have never thought of this. -gamer
Awesome, great job for a first Instructable! Nice Mp3 player too, where did you get it?

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