Msr-5 (Mini Sniper Rifle - 5)

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Introduction: Msr-5 (Mini Sniper Rifle - 5)


this is my first knex gun which I'm going to post as soon as I have demolished it and rebuild it again so I can make pictures on how to make it.
It is a mini sniper rifle to be used in places were space is limited and snipers like the sr-v1 won't fit in. It's design allows it do be carried in a backpack so it can be transported unsuspected. When you are in position, you can build it in under 30 seconds when you have trained.
You can change the stock length in about 15 seconds so you can get in to even tighter places if needed.
It uses a what I call a "zero friction barrel" so that maximum power is maintained over the small design of the gun.
It has also been made with as few parts as possible. so that also people who don't have a lot of knex can make this rifle

see the instructions here



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    Ya i agree is looks very simple good for 1st time knex builders 3/5 for power like i said tho next time make a non skeleton gun...

    wat's a skeleton gun?can you look at my guns... idont want a skeleton gun =(

    skeleton gun is a gun that shows all the insides, like the SRv1, it isnt a skeleton gun, full body, no insides showing

    dude, the longer the barell, the more acurate it is :"D


    it only shot like 10 or 15 feet though but i modded it into a shotty (check out my instructables if you wanna see pics) the shotty and sniper versions never jammed

     i love this gun. it is so small

    I made the sniper and changed it in a low-range one-shot gun. i think im gonna call him the viper springfield.Ive already got a second version the viper springfield ultimate laterr..