Multi Key Utility-Key 10+8-in-1 Tool (may Expand)





Introduction: Multi Key Utility-Key 10+8-in-1 Tool (may Expand)

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Multi key Utility-Key 10-in-1 Tool

Material: Ni+Fe (nickel-iron) 
Weight: 6gr ~1/6 oz.
Length: 5,6 centimeters = 2,20472441 inch
With: 2,5 centimeters = 0,984251969 inch
Thickness: 0,2 centimeters = 0,0787401575 inch

1. drill (better efficiency than Phillips screwdriver)
2. saw (wood)
3. bottle opener (beer)
4. rope cutter (nylon, cotton ....)
5. screwdriver
6. hexagonal key (exp: Phillips screwdriver plug-ins)
7. knife sharpener
8. wire cutter (copper, paperclip)
9. nail
10. nail file
11. magnetic (old Winchester magnet over pull up)
12. can opener (not elegant) 1st saw tooth
13. polished back -> signaling mirror
14. fluorescent light from Lego Bionicle pieces (drill 2 mm hole, injected fluorescent material) cool!!!
15. knife
16. ruler ( front, upper saw empty area "cm" measure ~2,5 cm)
17. the head of key is trolley coin, after you open it, removable
18. Phillips screwdriver lite (pc cover disassemble) between 5-6 area !!! photo is coming

coming soon ..... ++
plans for the future:

-must have bigger, and stronger key!!!

- Directional instruction:make use of accurate determination of sixteen equal portions of the scale different range.
- sun-dial (need: horizontal surface ,Which direction is north)?
- compass(key is magnetic -->water , leave,or paper etc swim done, /work well in theory?/) need a test!
- glass cutting wheel(Alloy, or industrial diamond, or park plug porcelain) between 9-10 area,[solder?



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waitbut does it open the door?
no, really, i really want to know

Depends what door... :)

its awesome bt making tutorial would be nyce cozz with some curves i need some helps and informaion

its awesome bt making tutorial would be nyce cozz with some curves i need some helps and informaion

If I wanted to make one out of a key blank how would I harden it?

WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!?!?!!!!!!!

cut those valleys down to 999 and you can also use it to bump pick some locks. you may have mentioned that, but I didnt read all the way through. Awesome instructable, though!


you don't need a battery per's solar...well, with an easy mod anyway.