Multi key Utility-Key 10+8-in-1 Tool (may expand)

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Picture of Multi key Utility-Key 10+8-in-1 Tool (may expand)
Multi key Utility-Key 10-in-1 Tool

Material: Ni+Fe (nickel-iron) 
Weight: 6gr ~1/6 oz.
Length: 5,6 centimeters = 2,20472441 inch
With: 2,5 centimeters = 0,984251969 inch
Thickness: 0,2 centimeters = 0,0787401575 inch

1. drill (better efficiency than Phillips screwdriver)
2. saw (wood)
3. bottle opener (beer)
4. rope cutter (nylon, cotton ....)
5. screwdriver
6. hexagonal key (exp: Phillips screwdriver plug-ins)
7. knife sharpener
8. wire cutter (copper, paperclip)
9. nail
10. nail file
11. magnetic (old Winchester magnet over pull up)
12. can opener (not elegant) 1st saw tooth
13. polished back -> signaling mirror
14. fluorescent light from Lego Bionicle pieces (drill 2 mm hole, injected fluorescent material) cool!!!
15. knife
16. ruler ( front, upper saw empty area "cm" measure ~2,5 cm)
17. the head of key is trolley coin, after you open it, removable
18. Phillips screwdriver lite (pc cover disassemble) between 5-6 area !!! photo is coming

coming soon ..... ++
plans for the future:

-must have bigger, and stronger key!!!

- Directional instruction:make use of accurate determination of sixteen equal portions of the scale different range.
- sun-dial (need: horizontal surface ,Which direction is north)?
- compass(key is magnetic -->water , leave,or paper etc swim done, /work well in theory?/) need a test!
- glass cutting wheel(Alloy, or industrial diamond, or park plug porcelain) between 9-10 area,[solder?
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Qwertyfish1 month ago
If I wanted to make one out of a key blank how would I harden it?
Qwertyfish1 month ago
jware41 year ago
WHERE CAN I GET ONE?!?!?!!!!!!!
3366carlos1 year ago
very nice.
cut those valleys down to 999 and you can also use it to bump pick some locks. you may have mentioned that, but I didnt read all the way through. Awesome instructable, though!
keng2 years ago
you don't need a battery per's solar...well, with an easy mod anyway.
Datawolf2 years ago
Where is the battery located ?
What battery? Do you realize that bottle openers, can openers, and saws are not electric?
Do you realize that it was humor ?
Cut a flap in the back of your skull. Forcefully insert D-cell.
Any way of using rechargeable cells here? Or would the "memory effect" of NiCADs get in the way?
Great, you can add "battery charger for car & truck"
Cyclone17642 years ago
Totally agree,you could be saving lives with this thing.Strongly recommend
you send it to the army.
davidnhunt12 years ago
DUDE you need to send that stuff strait to Swiss+Tech! you could design the most amazing utili-key EVER! I have added most of these mods to my Utili-key and have been very happy with the results. only thing i cant figure out is how the knife sharpener works
Vitizop (author)  davidnhunt12 years ago
You pull the knife through the gap...
Vitizop (author) 2 years ago
17. the head of key is trolley coin, after you open it, removable
davidnhunt12 years ago
DUDE you need to send that stuff strait to Swiss+Tech! you could design the most amazing utili-key EVER! I have added most of these mods to my Utili-key and have been very happy with the results. only thing i cant figure out is how the knife sharpener works
dane242 years ago
you could probably cut a piece of steel (or titanium like a peter atwood tool) in to the shape of a key instead of using an actual key, it would probably give you a little more freedom with your design, but i would recommend making a prototype out aluminum first because you could always melt it back down into a sheet
chrissysno2 years ago
Great idea! Well done, and so creative.
nax2 years ago
I haven't tried it, but I bet you could harden this by heating it and cooling it quickly. Say, heat over a gas stove and then drop it in a glass of water.
lperkins nax2 years ago
Generally speaking you heat it and cool it rapidly to make it hard and then heat it again to a lower temperature and cool it slightly more slowly to make it less brittle. If you know what specific alloy it is, it's possible to look up the temperatures and cooling speed required.
B.F.L.M nax2 years ago
of course, if you're not careful, you could make it hard, but brittle
tjk19392 years ago
If it's made from a standard key blank, it is usless. The metal is too soft. Nice concept.
I made something like this from a standard key, years ago and after that I hardened it: heating it and then a very quick cool. Works perfect
I have a commercial Utilikey and it is amazing to have a tool that's always with me, even through airport security. Making one from a real key is an extremely clever instructable. In any great R+D project flaws in drafts are inevitable. Knife sharpener, nice add!
Bruce Cannon?! hahahaha.... Check out this short film made here in springfield, mo... It's awesome! if you like it then you should also check out some other stuff on that guy's page... it's pretty the "ghoul school" teaser.
If you notice, I did state it was a nice concept. I always thought R&D was what you did before you produced the final product. I agree it is clever.
Brian H tjk19392 years ago
See Mr. Minit note above. <$1 nickle-iron alloy.
This is great, After I changed my front door key into a multi-tool I used it to cut a hole in the door, then I used it through the hole to undo the door lock. It opened the door!
Whats even better, I used my multi tool to remove the said door, and replace it with a new one.
I'm now gaging for a beer because I can't get the damn top off.
LarryB2 years ago
Hex hole can be formed by drilling 1/4" hole and then forcing a 1/4" hex bit through the hole. If the material is tough enough you can hammer it, or force it with a vise backing up the other side with say a small pipe coupling. I use long tapered hex bits lit the smallest Phillips type or small Torx. The bit shoulders act as a broach, then clean it up with a file to enlarge it slightly. If you are near the edge of the metal, make sure to aline the hex bit with a flat closest to the edge of the material.

the poodleo2 years ago
thats a great concept. i wouldnt even need it to open doors, it would just be nice to have it on my keyring. however, i dont have the tools or knowledge to do much education, i'd love to see somewhere where I could buy one.
Utili key. It's a great little tool that can clip onto a key chain.
dll9322 years ago
Nickel steel keyblanks would be harder, as would steel blanks. These are usually used by OEM lock manufactures. (or you could make the whole thing out of steel, hopefully tool steel). A Dremel tool with cutting and grinding bits would simplify making it.

Clever idea!
nunyafb2 years ago
I Have seen a glaring omission, we need as a group to figure out how to add Bluetooth because as everyone knows everything is better with BLUETOOTH! the Issue I see is where to purchase the steel blanks. Perhaps if we address this we can make this a multi- configuration project. I.E. one configuration for camping, one for Computer repair, survival, ETC. This would be a great multi use thread.
Brian H nunyafb2 years ago
A wireless wire cutter? Sorry, not on. The very thought makes my head hurt.
robertmw2 years ago
Where did you get a key made with Nickel-iron alloy? Most keys are brass.
Vitizop (author)  robertmw2 years ago
mr minit ~50 cent....1$
Isurvival2 years ago
Very creative!
Looks great, but I don't understand how the knife sharpener and the wire cutter works-could you please show how on some pictures maybe? thanks in advance
Vitizop (author)  Isurvival2 years ago
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