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Good evening, this is my instrucable for making a cool looking USB drive with balsa wood, a broken CD, super glue, and a USB drive.  Here are some pictures of the materials that you will need. 

also here is a list of the materials too:

a broken CD
some needle nose pliers
super glue
a usb drive of your memory size choice
balsa wood
sand paper
box cutter

Step 1: Putting the CD Together.

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ok, now that you  have all the materials needed. It's time to put it together. what you want to do is take apart the USB cover to get the USB naked so you can make a new cover. Next you measure the size and depth of the USB on the balsa wood and then carve it out. What i did was make slits and then take them out a little at a time. after that you want to sand the inside and out side to give it a nice clean look. also to make the wood more abrasive for the glue to get a hold of. Then once you glue the USB into the wood, you can start making your collage of broken CD pieces.

Step 2: Done!

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ok now that you have made your collage of broken CD pieces on the wood you should be done. Now what is cool is that i had a USB that has a small light on the end so when i plug it in it lights up the CD pieces too. here are some pictures of my finish project. I hope you enjoy my instructable and feel free to put some pics up of yours.


frank26080115 (author)2011-07-28

Have you ever microwaved a CD? Try it out, you end up with a really cool looking pattern that will fit really well with this case mod.

yeah i put a cd in a microwave before it looks awesome. but i didn't even think about using it for this mod. thanks for the advice man.

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