My K'Nex Weapons(in Order) --updated--





Introduction: My K'Nex Weapons(in Order) --updated--

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well, this is all of my weapons that i have made(note i have made more but i have taken some appart with out taking pics.



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    Which gun(s) does someone reccomend which is powerful, accurate,looks good and has pretty low piece count. Plz reply or i will be :( becuase i don't know what i should make

    sorry, but no instructions. it did not shoot anyway, the barrels weight to much for the base to support, so the barrels hung down 2 inches below the rod that would set off the guns. if i post instructions for any of the guns there, it will be the last one. it is very promising for with little mods from the picture it can shoot through 3 layers of cardboard with 3 rubber bands. and it shoots red rods. i just have to edit some things on it for looks and more power.

    u mean the owc but anyway please post the machine gun which seems to be a new type of machine gun mechanism.

    and did you use 12 snowflake connectors for 48 shots or what?

    oops wrong math:) and its it like


    the 6 lines are the snowflakes

    yea. just remember one thing though. on the guns you have to have three yellow connectors on both sides, because if you don't then the guns wont line up. as in if you connect a gun to the front most snowflakes on the gun(the ones you pointed out) and a gun on the back two snowflakes then they need to be connected in different spots on the guns for them to line up.

    spent 6 hours making it, ended up using grey rods instead of red and still wont work, im gonna try two 4 snowflake yellow, it if doesn't work, im giving up.

    sure, one minute, i'll take some now, ill pull back the triggers but im not gonna load it... takes to long

    good job, you have a better base then me. i liked the gun for how compact it was. as you can see, 32 shots in that small space you have it in.