My Not a Rectangle


Introduction: My Not a Rectangle

I'm sorry I don't have a description for this slide show, its getting late and Im tired. i will have a description in a short time but not at the moment. tell me what u guys think!



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    an old one of mine. i liked this one alot though but it looked realy ugly with that added thing on the barel

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    nice, is the thing on the front a fore-grip?

    i realy dont know what i was thinking, i guess it was some sort of barel suport cause i had problems with the barel not aligning with the ram creating alot of friction

    hmmm im trying to figure it out myself! lololol

    it shot realy far though, almost further than my curent one

    mine had a strange hate for rubber bands, if i put on any more than 4 they would fly off the gun bout every other shot, so i was limited on range

    true for the bayonet but the bi pod is actually very useful when sniping