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Introduction: My Airsoft War Spots

About: I am an American. I have joined the U.S. Army and have completed OSUT training at Fort Benning Georgia on the 20151119 or November 19 2015. I am an M1 Tanker. I drive the big monster. I am one of the three p...

i made both of these spots the brick one has been accumilated over time but the dir one i made in 3 hours it is 2 feet deep, 7 feet long and 5 foot wide and the raised sides ane 2 foot tall



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    So really just a bunch of pictures of a hole in the ground and pile of bricks... Well then

    i dug a foxhole in my back yard got a bb gun bi-pod and found out it fits on my mg and now guys are afraid to fight me its funny becasuse i can hide then boom they are dead and back in the hole reloading


    looks cool, what airsoft guns do you have?

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    Thompson, z11 zombie eliminato,r m1911, pump shot gun, m16 pistol, ak 47

    im reading the hunger games (AWESOME BOOK) and you could easily cover yourself with mud in the hole and hide (like in the book)

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    or like in the movie paintball when the girl took the barrel of her paint ball gun and used it as a breathing spot when she buried her self

    (accidental fire( HELP!!!!!!!! PAINTBALL IM MY.................

    ya i got permission to do this in a old spot where we put the do boy pool