My Animatronic Arm





Introduction: My Animatronic Arm

i made this in October for Halloween i lost my award for best costume in the robot catagory but heres my hand



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    Did you make instructions for it?

    Looks cool! What are the fingers made of?

    I think it is pretty cool! I'm trying to design something much like that, but not an extended arm... more like a larger hand over my own hand, get it?

    but it looks like it doesn't move very you cant pick up a cup...or a smallish object....

    i was able to grasp a basketball...

    but i mean something smaller, its way cool and all but say you go to grab your phone, it will fall...being smart you wouldnt grab ur phone but somthing smaller than a basketball

    dude, its a freaking costume prop -.-

    you can dress up like charmander, doesn't mean you'll be able to breathe flame.

    you dress up as a cyborg, doesn't mean your going to operate like a well built cyborg. or shoot rockets fists -.- lmao

    use your imagination ;p

    it would be a good idea to umm... SHOW how you made it, since this is INSTRUCTABLES and not "Look What I Did", ya kno? id like to make something like this, but you dont show how, and theres the issue of making the 'fingers' stay straight once you release the ropes

    its actual very easy compared to how it may look hard and lol if u read the Instructables slogan its worlds biggest diy how to and show and tell lol search up animatronics cause unfortunately iam not in the mood to make another one i don't have the time