My Awesome Dalek T-shirt





Introduction: My Awesome Dalek T-shirt

i just thought i should share this picture of a doctor who related shirt that i made... i know that there are some of you who will appreciate this



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    Could you tell how to make it? No offense, but instructables isn't for show and tell.

    I was counting something... I can't remember what.

    Cool shirt, I'd love the step by step! :)

    Never mind, I found it. For those interested:

    thanks for that Jeff!

    Yay! Thank you for scouring the internet for it!! That shirt is amazing.

    I think you forgot to show us how to make it. This is not a "show and tell" forum.

    I know this comment is old, but I'll reply anyway. Go to
    They have pretty good service.

    how about adding a circuit with a blue led for the eye? think i'll try it!

    Beautiful detail! Congrats on a great job.

    I LOVE THIS!!! how did you do it!?

    DALEKS!! -Run for your lives!!!  Only the Doctor can save us now!!  Doctor OH Doctor Are you there???        Some Doctor Who fans will appreciate this ible very much...thank  you.