My Awesome Knex Hand Catapult Gun





Introduction: My Awesome Knex Hand Catapult Gun

this is my first instructable that is any good. it is a very powerful catapult that fires connectors.

Step 1: What You Need

what you need

Step 2: Arms

Just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Handle

What you hold. Just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Body

What joins everything together.

Step 5: Making It

Putting it together.

Step 6: Rubber Band and Ammo

What it fires and how to attach the rubber band.

1) the ammo



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    aka a sling shot o_O but its cool 5*

    the handle is really loose how do you fix that?

    THIS GUN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just built it and it shoots SUPER FAR!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB :)

    blurry pics

    ur light grey connectors r orange

    There isn't a problem with KILLERK - his locking systems were good, the problem is with all the people who posted loads of low quality tubes guns without checking before they posted.

    Yet somehow his block trigger is still super popular... You know how many ppl on this site hate block triggers. I don't hate them, but I think we have enuff of them.

    Yah, But I made an easy mod to make the block trigger into a true. P.S. I know this is like 8 months after the fact.

    u need 7 RED CONNECTERS!

    It's called a slingshot, and this isn't that great. good effort tho.

    1 reply

    i know the handle is bad but i dont know how improve it