My Awesome Yet Random Drawings




Introduction: My Awesome Yet Random Drawings

most of these drawings i did in my spare time, i rather think they're very good. i put a back story to all thew pictures except the last one so that it might make sense the first one is argoron
(ar-go-raun) the main antagonist of the story i've done.

p.p.s. if you guys have any ideas of what i should do for a pictures then fire away, but, first, it can't be a drawing of an animal. second,i'm not gonna do a picture of you're family.third, if you just ask for a picture for yourself then it's probably gonna be NO.

a few more pictures are up, such as my new avatar.

i've added a wallet design made by me(obviously)('ibles messed up again, what ";lt" should be is "<")

Update, 5-7-12
to be honest, I should move all this to deviant art or something, but I just don't have the resources right now to do it, no computer equals no space, which equals no way to transfer...sorry guys, this slideshow wasn't appropriate at the time and I was to naive to notice.   -_-



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I could be wrong because I'm fairly new to this site but it was my understanding that submissions were supposed to instruct your reader of how to do something.

Sites like Deviantart or sheezyart are good art sites that are more for displaying, you might be inclined to check them out.

I wouldmove my drawings to deviantart, but right now I'm A.not getting much access to computers (I'm on a school computer right now) and I'm just too lazy right now...|-(

hhmm.... a show-case in an instructible site...???

 eeh why do you call your own drawings awsome? they aren't

 because they are awsome to me you%$%$

Aweome, but what does $apos mean?

it's a problem that instructables hasn't taken care of, &apos means that an apostrophe is supposed to be there instead of &apos.

i've made a new drawing but i left it at school so i'll post it when i get my hands on it.

he he i delivered... big time, instead one one, i added 4 new