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most of these drawings i did in my spare time, i rather think they're very good. i put a back story to all thew pictures except the last one so that it might make sense the first one is argoron
(ar-go-raun) the main antagonist of the story i've done.

p.p.s. if you guys have any ideas of what i should do for a pictures then fire away, but, first, it can't be a drawing of an animal. second,i'm not gonna do a picture of you're family.third, if you just ask for a picture for yourself then it's probably gonna be NO.

a few more pictures are up, such as my new avatar.

i've added a wallet design made by me(obviously)('ibles messed up again, what ";lt" should be is "<")

Update, 5-7-12
to be honest, I should move all this to deviant art or something, but I just don't have the resources right now to do it, no computer equals no space, which equals no way to transfer...sorry guys, this slideshow wasn't appropriate at the time and I was to naive to notice.   -_-


pillowsfree (author)2011-02-08

I could be wrong because I'm fairly new to this site but it was my understanding that submissions were supposed to instruct your reader of how to do something.

Sites like Deviantart or sheezyart are good art sites that are more for displaying, you might be inclined to check them out.

GeekBeam (author)pillowsfree2011-10-12

I wouldmove my drawings to deviantart, but right now I'm A.not getting much access to computers (I'm on a school computer right now) and I'm just too lazy right now...|-(

yaaarrrr (author)2011-10-09

hhmm.... a show-case in an instructible site...???

bamibert (author)2010-05-07

 eeh why do you call your own drawings awsome? they aren't

GeekBeam (author)bamibert2010-05-07

 because they are awsome to me you%$%$

zchan1120 (author)2010-04-09

Aweome, but what does $apos mean?

GeekBeam (author)zchan11202010-04-09

it's a problem that instructables hasn't taken care of, &apos means that an apostrophe is supposed to be there instead of &apos.

zchan1120 (author)GeekBeam2010-04-10


GeekBeam (author)2010-04-08

i've made a new drawing but i left it at school so i'll post it when i get my hands on it.

GeekBeam (author)GeekBeam2010-04-09

he he i delivered... big time, instead one one, i added 4 new

GeekBeam (author)GeekBeam2010-04-09

now i have 12 drawings in total... so YAYNESS

GeekBeam (author)2010-04-06

I've added a new drawing but i'm not sure what to name it, any ideas out there?

l8nite (author)2010-03-31

The biggest plus for an artist is to never be totally satisfied with ones own work, the great masterpiece is always in the next piece of paper or blank canvas or chunk of marble. You've shown some interesting work but 4 pieces is limited so keep drawing/doodling/sketching/ practicing.  I doodle/practice everywhere and on anything that will sit still long enough and have been for as long as I can remember, and thats a VERY long time!
 Check out the drawing section at for some helpful hints and tutorials

GeekBeam (author)l8nite2010-03-31

and i never am satisfied with my work, making new ones, and other such things based off a random idea, i.e. evil guy, super mario bros, etc., for the best from me, i try to make it look as realistic as possible, or just make it look like a pure evil person and the like. it really depends on the artist.

LoneWolf (author)GeekBeam2010-04-01

Don't worry about being satisfied with your work, a lot of people tell me I'm good at drawing and I'm never satisfied with my work either. Though that's partly good since it motivates you to keep improving.

GeekBeam (author)LoneWolf2010-04-01

in the motivation way, yes, it is good but my being satisfied also just help me to keep going. without my un-satisfaction i wouldn't have made any such drawings in the first place nor anything near as complete as the ones i've made so far(i'm going to keep updating this slideshow for each new drawing i make so stay tuned)

LoneWolf (author)GeekBeam2010-04-02

Alright, I'll keep an eye open for the new ones!!!

lemonie (author)2010-04-01

Get yourself some better materials: I see sharp black ink on cirsp, white paper doing better justice to your artistic talent.


GeekBeam (author)lemonie2010-04-01

thanks for the suggestion, most of the time i only have lined paper to draw on

lemonie (author)GeekBeam2010-04-01

I look at your pictures and think some of them fit the cartoon-style, have you any inclination to produce cartoon-strips?


GeekBeam (author)lemonie2010-04-01

i've also added a story line to the pictures so as to make it look more organized and such

GeekBeam (author)lemonie2010-04-01

i kinda do but they don't really work out for me. i ussually just do stick figures with just faces for whole heads, help me with the emotions. one such example is the un-published series i've given a clue of called 
    the adventures of 
         nerdy man
and his sidekick smarty

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