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Simple Suzuki Hayabusa tuning with two blue LED and lithion battery.

Step 1: Circuit

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The circuit is very diffused here: Parallel diffuse LEDs united to the battery with a on/off key.

Step 2:

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The result was that. It could be better and it will be next time. Thank you.


nfarrow (author)2009-10-06

What kind of Resistor should I use?

Crimson-Deity (author)nfarrow2009-10-15

100kilo ohm

Junk_Wizard (author)2009-01-14

What?? You need more detail. Resistor values, and voltages for a start... Is that a full size bike, or a toy? That wouldn't even be close to tuning, that would be a lighting modification.

Judging by the hp logo in the second pic it is a toy...

exactly I have to improve the positions of LEDs

as he wants... it is a miniature in the scale 1:12 but albeit it could be a truth motorcycle two 3V batteries, two blue LEDs and resistors

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