My Bitchin Ride





Introduction: My Bitchin Ride

Step 1: Junk Yard Parts

Step 2: Original Frame

Step 3: Cut Out Rear Triangle

Step 4: Determining Bottom Tube Angle

Step 5: Bend the Bottom Tube

Step 6: Back End

Step 7: Reinforcement

Step 8: Angles Are Looking Good

Step 9: Eye Balling Angle for Head Tube

Step 10: Lining Up for Head Tube

Step 11: Assemble the Fork

Step 12: Holy Shit It's Actually Straight

Step 13: Oops

should have sanded before welding...

Step 14: Getting There

Step 15: Death Spikes

Step 16: Finished Needs Paint



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    What IS it; is it for sale--(Yes I do know this is an older post!) And word to the wise--never take pics in front of or alongside something as bitchin' as your main topic!

    Well, you have a sweet bike. Dang! You got shocks, pegs... lucky! You ever take it off any sweet jumps?

    1 reply

    sorry the ride is cool and all bit dont use that word please

    would be good with a banana seat and the frame could be shorter

    whered u get the death spikes? i wanted some phenials on my bike but cant find any yet

    The rv is more bitchin than the bike

    that frame + adding 8-10+ motorcycle batteries parallel to the frame(looking from the top down) due to how thin they are and an electric motor would be fun and green

    i just love that pink front wheel :P

    This is a cool instructable,but as this is a family site i have flagged it as innapropriate (i would very much appreciate a name change)

    Nice Lay-out,good pixwhat's the specs on your tubing ? Inspiration Wave !

    Nice bike but I LOVE the RV ! Can you please e-mail me with the make model and year of that RV ? I have been looking for a year for one of those and I have no idea what kind it is !

    my highschool has that same pipe bender

    why not it's a bitchin ride. i mean damn man.

    very true, but you could still use nice words, like awesome, or cool