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Step 1: Junk yard parts

Step 2: Original frame

Step 3: Cut out rear triangle

Step 4: Determining bottom tube angle

Step 5: Bend the bottom tube

Step 6: Back End

Step 7: Reinforcement

Step 8: Angles are looking good

Step 9: Eye balling angle for head tube

Step 10: Lining up for head tube

Step 11: Assemble the fork

Step 12: Holy shit it's actually straight

Step 13: Oops

should have sanded before welding...

Step 14: Getting there

Step 15: Death spikes

Step 16: Finished needs paint

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savageeuge6 months ago

would be good with a banana seat and the frame could be shorter

whered u get the death spikes? i wanted some phenials on my bike but cant find any yet
acidbass3 years ago
The rv is more bitchin than the bike
that frame + adding 8-10+ motorcycle batteries parallel to the frame(looking from the top down) due to how thin they are and an electric motor would be fun and green
Zaqie4 years ago
i just love that pink front wheel :P
MegaMaker4 years ago

I really don't think "bitchin" is the right choice of words, but there is a definition on 

This is a cool instructable,but as this is a family site i have flagged it as innapropriate (i would very much appreciate a name change)
chadeau5 years ago
Nice Lay-out,good pixwhat's the specs on your tubing ? Inspiration Wave !
aaronanalog5 years ago
Nice bike but I LOVE the RV ! Can you please e-mail me with the make model and year of that RV ? I have been looking for a year for one of those and I have no idea what kind it is !
sweet van
my highschool has that same pipe bender
NO cussing, but other than that, this is cool
why not it's a bitchin ride. i mean damn man.
very true, but you could still use nice words, like awesome, or cool
no; i think those words were just the right ones for the job.
Ok, if that is what you want to say, you can
thank you for accepting me the way i am. 8>)
Ultra Ken6 years ago
UltraVan -

Everything you need to know....

camp6ell7 years ago
nice work. for your next project please make a pick up truck bike with a big carrying part or parts on the back.
dude strap a 2 cycle to that bitch, fuck peddling, its bad tho without that stuff
strap a 2 cycle to your La Z Boy recliner, ride around in a circle inside your garage, with the door closed.
a support running up from the bottom bend and into the upper flat bar would keep the style and give great support as well as making a space to mount a handy attatchment like twin jet enginge or a water bottle
Bori deLeon7 years ago
I have a question about pipe bending. When i tried to do it,the pipe collapsed ,even with sand inside it. How can you reach good bend without distortion ?
you can get pipe bending springs that fit inside the pipe, and hold it circular. you also need to apply constant, even heat, from a gas welder, preferably.
when you say bitchin ride do you mean the bike or the van
that bus is awesome
the frame looks like it needs a LOT more support, it's just waiting to be broken. i'm assuming you're not a bike builder, but it looks like it needs more structural support.
toogood7 years ago
what do you do when you go over a bump?
Yeah, the bike is nice and all, but the UltraVan really is more distracting. :) -Ted
zomfibame8 years ago
yahh i'm diggin the very cool chopped bike; i even like the lil' pink rim up front, because funny is almost allways a good thing.... but i agree.... i wanna know more about the lime green camper.
bigpinecone8 years ago
the front wheel looks kinda funny, it's pink...
if he does a good job of blending from the pink on the back to the blue in the middle, then back to pink, it'd look pretty bad-ass...
mikeybhang8 years ago
What about the big lime camper in the backgraound? Gotta be a story there!
what kind of pipe are you using there?
i'd imagine d.o.m. tubing
kellusion8 years ago
Looks great. a word of warning though: I'm pretty sure welding anything with paint on it is bad for your lungs...
That looks awesome. What type of welder did you use for the welds?
benida8 years ago
rollin thunder...
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