this is my nerf big bad bow. it has air restrictors taken out and a barrel replacement. it gets 30 yards(90 feet).
nice mod dude what all did u do to the big bad bow and nice paint job hand painted or spray
spray painted it and took out ar and gave it a coupler a plunger upgrade<br />
i just took the ar out but i put a 12 shot pump shotgun is the first doomslayer do u know what im talking about?
ohh ya i know what the doom slayer (forsaken angel is a awesome modder)&nbsp;is i tried to do a simaliar mod to a fire flie<br />
yep forsakenangel24 is vary cool i dont mean i modded my 12 shot then took out the spring i tried to mod it but right when i got the first screw in place the gun would mess itself up and did the mod work???
noi put to powerful of spring and the friction melted the tube<br />
sorry i cant seem to get the videos to work but i modified it more and it gets 130 now with a speed loader <br /> heres a picture
vid doesnt work and only 90? seen them hit 150 and most get 120<br />

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