My Charging Station, Very Simple...


Introduction: My Charging Station, Very Simple...

About: curious french guy.....

I had that wooden box and the electrical stuff to make it.

simply plugged two female connectors into the main wire....

I drilled two exits on the upper side to let the chargers cable get out.

the box is a little to small....but two gsm chargers fit inside if you try.

Step 1: The Lid...

the wood was not so clean and there were dings and I decided to cover it with a piece of clothe....

the only one I had was a jean from a famous surfwear brand.....I kept the label because I liked that pants I bought in New Zealand...

it is simply glued to the lid , then I cut around the edges with a scalpel....the result is quite good.

Step 2: I Don't Have the Time Nor the Tools to Make That Kind of Charging Station..

anyway that's not my style.....but you have to admit this one is reeeaaly cool....

Step 3:



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