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Introduction: My Diy Work

double glazed green house and some garden furniture



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    Spelling may not be your best skill, but who cares when you can make all of that! Nice work! it's made from reused materials, you did awesome with a small space, and it's beautiful to boot! Nice work! Keep charming the wife about the rain barrells; she'll come around. Keep up the good work!

    bob i did have guttering on the old green house but trying with out guttering this time inside the greenhouse is lined with PVC liner looks like tiles but not out sides paved i was just finish the paving when i taken the photo the rain barrel is full of plant food i make a food bomb out of old cloth put food in cloth get both sides tie, in the water barrel it stays a years ready to go food 4 the plants instant..wife don't like water barrel are guttering she said it looks a mess loll nay mined


    Nice work, great style!!! I see you have your greenhouse paved? Are you still going to make gutters + rain barrels?

    every one welcome to coment are rate my work check the second photo please and tell me what you think thank you them thats intrested :)