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Introduction: My Dog Winter Bed

my dog have a cold problem during the winter
so i made a small project to make her warm while she is home alone

Step 1: Material

all you need is:
one old sleeping bag
one piece of sponge - 12*12 , 130cm long
one used cushion 60*60 cm
sewing machine
measuring tape

and a dog 

Step 2: Measure and Cut

i measured the cushin and the sponge and add some more
to make a big hem for the sponge 
and then cut the sleeping bag

Step 3: Sawing a Hem

my old brother sewing machine had some problem sewing the sleeping bag 
but i manage to make it some how

Step 4: Assemble

insert the sponge into the hem 

Step 5: ...

fold the sleeping bag 
and zip it 

hope you like it

my dog do

dedicated to my beloved dog- spot



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Lovely! I would like to make one for my dog...But she is a dane

Wonderful! I wish I had an old sleeping bag... :(

How difficult was that? Do you think it might be easier to sew the hem while the foam was in the sleeping bag?


This is brilliant! I have often thought of ways to do this from scratch, and never did it. One idea was to use the round foam pipe insulator tubes on the edge. Another a simple heavy wire.

I was going to make them for cats.... never seemed to get around to it though, lol.

The model dog looks like either a Jack Russell or a Rat Terrier. My Rat Terrier has no undercoat and she is always curling up under some blanket in the winter. I like this idea a lot.


good job, i like it and im sure spot will be happy and warm

thanks bro

Your dog makes a good model for this project! Too bad more people don't think about their pets this time of year.