My new armour that took me a while to build hope you like it :)
you should use bendy ones all the way up and down
thanks that will help but im running out of bendy ones cause i dont have many knex lolz
weird i have about 100 bendy's
yeah i had an old box of knex and then i got new knex ball machine and then a new box of knex
what bullet could penetrate that type of heavy, protective armor?
the real question is what bullet would lol
so you don't realize that this site hosts the biggest knex gun community in the world? just check out any one of my 'ibles and/or kinetic, oblivitus, thedunkis, killer~safecracker etc etc etc... you don't realize that knex guns are more than possible?
lol i know it made for looks
there's a reply button
but i will be posting a 2.0 soonand a gauntlet sound nice?
that would protect you from nothing better luck next time

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