Picture of my first knex ballmachine delfino update!
2012-04-03 16.59.53.jpg
2012-04-03 17.00.19.jpg
2012-04-03 16.59.33.jpg
2012-04-03 16.59.20.jpg
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2012-04-05 14.11.28.jpg
2012-04-05 14.11.32.jpg
this is my first knex ballmachine update i hope you like it!

there are four lifts in this ballmachine

1:modified stepper lift
2:chain lift
3:wheel lift
4:arm lift
Before you take it down, try to post instructions on this please. I think ball machines are starting to become more popular of a instructable than before because they do more than break knex and shoot them.
jameshond (author)  knexpert#108294762 years ago
sorry but is is allreddy take down i start to make an new one
KneXtreme2 years ago
Nice! It looks great so far.
jameshond (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
martijnb952 years ago
ziet er erg mooi uit! :)
jameshond (author)  martijnb952 years ago
maar de ballmachine is nog niet klaar
weet ik, maar hij is nu al mooi :)
jameshond (author)  martijnb952 years ago
ik probeer om een film te maken van de liften er zitten 4 liften in chain lift wheel lift arm lift en modified stepper lift
jameshond (author)  martijnb952 years ago
thanks :):):):):):):):):):):):)
sathothy2 years ago
Nice! Die is vreselijk goed voor je eerste!(Ook al is die nog nie klaar)
jameshond (author)  sathothy2 years ago
thanks ik ben er ook al lang mee bezig