hey guys! 
i have been building a few guns from this site and i thought i would contribute. so here it is.
it is quite bad to be honest - by that i mean its quite flimsy and my hands are big so the trigger may be a bit far from the handle so ... 
also the handle is from extreme builders TRUELY semi auto knex gun


Step 1: Handle

 just follow the pics 

Step 2: The 'barrel'

 just follow the pics

Step 3: Trigger Mech

 follow the pics

Step 4: Stock and Scope

 follow the pics

Step 5: Putting It Together (including Rubber Bands)

 follow the pics
hmmmm im thinking of rating 5 star nad making this. but the barrel looks a bit flimsy...............
I can see 10 mods to the stock, handle, trigger, and scope that couldmake this gun better already.&nbsp; <br />
yeah now i have posted it i can see quite a few myself .and also thanksfor viewing and commenting&nbsp;

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