so i  was bored one day, so i went out and bought a nerf cs-35 raider. and sense i am in highscool, it is only cool to have a nerf gun if you are in band or it is modded. so, i am in band, but i wanted to mod it any way. i used testors olive drab and matte black paint, which i bought from my local hobby store for around 5$. pleas leave a comment about any thing else i can do to it, thanks.
How much did you sand the nerf gun?
<p>I didn't sand it at all, but the paint has stayed on really well. on the downside, my cousin managed to completely destroy the internal mechanism. I just got a new gun, and am in the process of moding it now.</p>
Also you might want to get yourself some spray paint that applies to plastic
Because if you didn't sand jt enough, it will scratch very easily
im in band, or will be, and cant find any non permanent mods for some guns. I have to buy a gun meant for modding. I could help with a maverick though, and that is about it.
you could get new springs and o-rings, and i modify almost all (20-something) of my nerf guns except the electric ones, and i am also in high school and everyone likes airsoft and paintball, except my parents. Anywho, i chronographed my raider and it was about 90 feet per second, and i also replaced the piston and bolt sled with the guts of a nite finder, so i dont need a shotgun handle, and i will post something so i could show you some of my kick-ass mods
Get a vulcan dude. thats what I have anyways.
that guy below me meant modding not odding
yo im in band and i love odding my nerf guns <br>why is it always band people
you can take out the air restrictors, saw off the front of the gun, give it a shot gun grip and many other things.
ok, i just did, range is about 50 feet<br>
ok ,thanks

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